How to make the connected car services of the future: Three key automotive digitalization insights

August 10th, 2022

WirelessCar first started working with connected car services back in 1999. The past 20+ years have given us lots of valuable insights into automotive digitalization and what makes connected car services work. What do these insights tell us about the connected car services of the future? Here are three automotive digitalization insights that we think are key to understanding where the industry and the market are headed.

1. Prepare for the digital change to come, whether it is imminent or on the horizon

In our minds, we are always ahead of the technology curve. Realizing our visions of the future will inevitably take some time. The upside of that is that you still have time to prepare and build for the change that will inevitably come. 

How will your connected car services help you cut costs? How will your connected car services help you forge stronger bonds with your customers, and create better customer experiences? How do you plan to use connected fleet management and dynamic lifecycle management to establish new revenue streams?

One of our goals at WirelessCar is to facilitate and enhance the digitalization of the automotive industry. We do this by making technological shifts more manageable, by creating value for both car makers and drivers, and through improving and streamlining business models, for example. 

 Still, a lot boils down to the car makers’ own organizations, and these car makers’ abilities to use connected car data to their (and their customers’) benefit. “Change is the only constant in life”, as the saying goes. The better you prepare for the change you anticipate, the better you will likely be at handling the changes that will be more sudden and/or unpredictable. 

vehicles driving on a highway with blue abstract circles around them

2. Make connected car services accessible to your customers – psychologically as well as technologically

Take shared mobility: the potential is simply incredible, but you need to make it work and let your customers realize that it does. So start out easy. Maybe an app that allows for easy car sharing between family and friends; one where your car can be booked, opened, locked, and used by a select group of drivers. Your customers will then get used to shared mobility, overcome whatever concerns they may have had about it, and learn to appreciate it. Why sell your cars once, when you can essentially sell them over and over again?

Looking at the even bigger picture, we need to figure out how to create proper, sustainable mobility ecosystems. How do we use our resources, our infrastructure and our time more efficiently? And how do we do that in a way that is both secure and appealing to all parties? Connected car data can benefit all of us, but that requires continuous, proper collecting and analysis of that data. When you do that successfully, it will help you overcome challenges related to everything from journey intelligence to EV route planning and automotive cybersecurity. 

3. Curiosity, scalability and reliability are all essential to your connected car offer

Creating the mobility of the future is less about moving mountains and more about picking up nuggets of knowledge along the way. That is how we work at WirelessCar, and how we make sure that the constant technological evolution works to our advantage.

While every car brand is unique, there are still issues that all car makers will have to face. Our products and solutions help car makers overcome common hurdles, ensure a shortened time-to-market and facilitate the continued development and deployment of new connected car services. Scalability allows these services to work for fleets of cars – new and existing ones, globally as well as locally. Over-the-air updates ensure the quality of your software and your connected car services.

Furthermore, your customers need to be able to rely on your digital offering at all times. This goes beyond emergency services and mission critical services, as customers will have no patience for glitchy, outdated or unsecure solutions. How can you avoid this from becoming an issue? The short answer is collaboration. By collaborating, we are able to make most of the opportunities that connected car data presents, while also addressing and overcoming the challenges involved. 

At the end of the day, creating the connected car services of the future is about walking the walk. By working actively with the connected car data, and learning and growing along the way, we are able to realize the immense potential that automotive digitalization presents. Want to do that together with us? Let us know what your company’s needs and ambitions look like. For more WirelessCar insights, read our related articles on how to enhance your service portfolio through your existing car cloud, and how to develop successful in-vehicle AAOS apps. 

Greg Geiselhart
VP Sales & Marketing