Today's Challenges Require Smart Digital Solutions

With the right set of data and digital services, many of today's challenges in the automotive industry can be solved beyond expectations. You can increase customer safety and loyalty, meet demands on sustainability,  increase vehicle utilization for mobility providers, and much more. Time to unleash the power of your data, drive the change, and truly become digitalized. What is your challenge?

Our Solution Areas

Our in-depth knowledge of the automotive industry’s visions and challenges is synthesized in our solution areas, where we address the needs of the industry

smart city and wireless communication network, abstract image visual, internet of things

Secure a connected vehicle foundation and life cycle management

Provide convenience and control before, during and after car journeys

Protect the vehicle and ensure the well-being of all road users

Charge your EV with smart and convenient digital services

Connect your fleet to the sharing economy

Discover new business value and savings by leveraging connected car data and services

Our offerings

No matter where you are on your connected vehicle journey, we have the automotive expertise, skilled teams, and technical edge to help you provide world-class connected services.

Curious to know more?

No matter your challenges and visions, we are looking forward to learning about them, and exploring how we can solve them together.