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Digital Key Management

Digital Key Management enables OEMs to offer a digital car key or phone-as-a-key, revolutionizing vehicle access for both private consumers and Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) use cases. Our product is designed to be compliant with the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) standard, ensuring a solution where security meets seamless convenience.

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The Digital Key Evolution

Since the introduction of remote keyless entry, consumers have become accustomed to the ease of remote locking and unlocking their vehicles. The natural progression has been to eliminate the physical key fob and incorporate these functionalities into a smartphone. To establish digital car keys as a sustainable choice, however, vehicle OEMs must pave the way for widespread adoption by ensuring a consistent user experience across vehicles and mobile devices.

The Opportunities

As the digital connected lifestyle becomes more important to end users, digital keys represent a compelling opportunity for OEMs. By lowering the threshold for implementing digital keys, OEMs can focus on securing brand loyalty while benefiting from cross-industry experience, personalization options, security, privacy, and industry support from tech giants like Apple, Google and Samsung.

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Our Product

WirelessCar’s Digital Key Management serves as a pivotal enabler for OEMs looking to adopt the CCC digital key standard. Compliant with the CCC release 3.0, our cloud-based vehicle OEM and key tracking server allows OEMs to harness standardized use cases like Key Provisioning, Key Sharing, Key Termination, and Key Properties. Moreover, our product empowers OEMs to unlock tailored functionalities based on their specific requirements through custom entitlements, thereby adapting to diverse vehicle OEM needs.

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Why WirelessCar?

Digital Key Management facilitates a secure and streamlined transition to digital keys while accommodating diverse user needs and industry standards. With twenty-five years of experience delivering globally available, highly secure connected vehicle solutions, WirelessCar empowers OEMs to redefine the future of vehicle access and user convenience.

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