Pave The Way For Electric Vehicle Drivers By Eliminating The Uncertainties

Smart EV Routing

Fueled by connected car data, WirelessCar's Smart EV Routing reduces both charge and range anxiety by providing specifically tailored navigation tools that match the EV driver’s needs. Optimized routing during long distance drives delivers accurate charging guidance: when, where and for how long to charge. Our product ensures that drivers of electric vehicles (EVs) get all the information they need to make their journey as smooth and efficient as possible.

A smarter way forward

Watch our video to discover the possibilities of Smart EV Routing and our vision for how to eliminate trip anxiety.

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The Challenges

Despite the unprecedented growth of the EV market, the current complexities of optimizing the route of an electric vehicle during longer trips remain an obstacle for many people. Electric vehicles not only charge at different speeds, but external factors such as weather, road conditions, and elevation influence the car’s energy consumption and range in unpredictable ways. Today’s charging infrastructure also needs to grow to match the increasing demand of EV drivers.

How can drivers hit the road with confidence unless they are armed with tools that not only supply charging locations but factor in their specific vehicle data and personal routing preferences? And will these obstacles hold back the next wave of EV adoption?

Our Product

WirelessCar’s Smart EV Routing uses real-time dynamic vehicle data combined with intelligent routing algorithms to offer one of the most sophisticated connected route planners available. We provide car manufacturers with services and integrations specifically tailored to them. As a result, OEMs can address EV drivers’ primary pain points: unexpected delays or frustrating detours due to running out of battery power and being unable to find an available charging station.

Smart EV routing

The Benefits

Smart EV Routing provides car makers with the essential tools needed to alleviate the challenges electric vehicle drivers face during long distance journeys. By addressing these consumer pain points, the OEM builds its brand and increases its credibility while taking advantage of our agnostic and flexible product.

Smart EV Routing offers the following features and benefits:

Accurate routing guidance

Our routing is based on a state-of-the-art algorithm and continuously updated dynamic car data. Drivers know when they need to charge and for how long.

Includes the most relevant parameters

Eliminate potential frustrations during longer journeys. Drivers can optimize their trip based on total time or other preferences.

Content provider agnostic

OEMs can use the content providers of their choice when it comes to Visual Maps and Charging Point Operators.

Data agnostic and flexible in its design

OEMs enjoy multiple integration options and can use existing data providers to meet specific customer demand.

Unified experience in-car and on a smartphone app

The product can deliver a seamless and intuitive experience in the car’s head-unit and on the customer’s mobile device.

Cloud-based and scalable

The product is designed to ensure consistent top performance regardless of the number of active vehicles.

Configurable for both the car maker and the driver

Drivers can choose between quickest arrival, short or long stops in combination with preferred charging level (SOC%) for each stop and arrival at destination. OEMs can use their preferred networks and set recommended default parameters.

Read our Smart EV Routing product brief

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Why WirelessCar?

Smart EV Routing brings essential benefits to both the car manufacturer and the driver. With more than eight million connected cars in over 100 countries, we have the experience to deliver solutions with the highest reliability, quality, and security. We believe that electric vehicles have an important role to play, and we believe in making it possible for everyone to move in a safe, sustainable, and smart way is key to a thriving future.

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