Smart EV Routing – A dynamic digital product for optimized EV travel

October 7th, 2021

EV route planning enables drivers of electric vehicles to optimize their long-distance journeys. Continuous updates, based on real-time telemetry data, provide the driver with accurate, relevant information whenever he or she needs it. This results in a smoother ride for the driver. It also addresses and counteracts many common customer concerns related to electric vehicles. It is a golden opportunity for car makers to strengthen the relationship with their EV customers, and facilitate the shift to electric vehicles.

What is an EV route planner?

An EV route planner uses a variety of parameters in order to plan the best possible route for an EV driver. This is particularly useful for long-distance travel, as many drivers still express concerns about the availability of EV charging stations, range anxiety, the time needed for charging, etcetera. Thanks to the EV route planner, the driver gets to enjoy the journey and the EV without having to worry about these issues.

The greater the intelligence of the EV route planner, the greater the value for the driver. The more data that can be collected – from both inside and outside of the car – the smarter and more accurate the information going back to the driver will be.

Close-up of an electric car charging

How to optimize journeys for drivers of electric vehicles

There are numerous factors that affect an EV journey, such as vehicle systems status, battery status, topography, weather, and road conditions like traffic and construction work. By taking all of these factors into account, the EV route planner is able to optimize the journey in a comprehensive way. That includes informing the driver about where to charge the vehicle, and for how long. Detours and worries about finding a charging station in time can thus easily be avoided.

It is crucial to distinguish EV route planners from traditional navigation systems. Whereas the latter merely directs drivers to their destinations, an EV route planner is much more dynamic. The continuous collection of dynamic car data allows it to gather and present information about the EV and its batteries to the driver at all times. Moreover, it can optimize the charging process before and throughout the trip, as outlined above. It is also able to interact with dynamic charging infrastructure, to find out whether a charging station is in fact available and working, for example.

How can car makers benefit from EV route planners?

EV route planning supports car makers in showcasing and positioning themselves as credible EV providers. It is a concrete way of showing customers that the company is working actively to make EV travel easier and more enjoyable. Addressing customers’ concerns will also facilitate EV adoption, and likely increase customer loyalty. Consequently, it can strengthen the brand as well as its position within the EV segment. Depending on the strategy and business model, an EV route planner can be used for direct or indirect revenue streams, such as through monetized digital services.

Smart EV Routing – A dynamic digital product for optimized EV travel

Smart EV Routing combines automotive industry experience with flexibility

WirelessCar has more than twenty years of experience developing, delivering and operating secure digital solutions and products for connected cars. Smart EV Routing is a product that has been created to suit any car maker eager to provide their EV customers with a state-of-the-art route planner. Smooth, reliable EV route planning improves drivers’ journeys and helps them overcome common concerns related to EV long-distance travel.

Smart EV Routing is an agnostic route planning product in the sense that it allows car makers to use whatever content providers they want for their specific solutions (regarding map data, traffic data, charging infrastructure, weather data and forecasts, and so on). It is important to remember that limiting an EV route planner by excluding certain charging infrastructure providers, for example, will not help drivers. They will want a comprehensive product or solution that caters to their needs, so car makers need to make sure that that is what they are offering their customers.

WirelessCar packages and sends the vehicle data to our cloud service, and provides an optimized route plan in return. The route plan is provided to our OEM customer through an API for use and integration on- and/or off-board. Through data analytics, we are also able to help both car makers and charging infrastructure providers understand EV drivers’ patterns and decisions during longer trips.

The potential of this technology is vast, and we should expect EV route planners to become increasingly capable and intelligent in the future. It is an exciting journey to be on, and a topic that we will doubtlessly return to in upcoming articles.

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