We Collaborate, Deliver & Explore

By having an open, agile work process, we invite our customers to become engaged colleagues. We are a collaborative speaking partner, fully focused on the automotive industry and dedicated to delivering scalable, flexible and secure solutions that shorten time to market.

We Love to Collaborate in Agile Ways

We see again and again that an open and collaborative environment and an agile way of working is the key to achieving the best possible end result together with our customers. Working in this way results in action, responsiveness to change, and high customer value.
And it is fun too!

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We Never Reinvent the Wheel

We build on our back-end service APIs, proven design patterns and industry know-how which means rapid deployment, great scalability and a high level of security – at a competitive price.

Robust Business-Critical Delivery

We know that our deliveries are business critical, save lives, and that they need to be managed with service and car life cycles in mind. That's why we build, test, manage and support all our services with an end-to-end service assurance perspective

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Work at WirelessCar in Gothenburg

We Dare to Do it

We work at the forefront of our business, and often in uncharted territory. How fortunate then that we are curious, and love exploring and finding new paths forward.

We Ensure a Secure, Scalable and Smart Solution

Everything we build follows a set of guiding principles, in order to ensure solutions that are secure, scalable and smart.

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We Build for Your Cloud Solution

Cloud-based solutions have many benefits, such as shortened time to market, scalability, security and flexibility. We have built services for the cloud for quite some time, know many different providers, and are used to adapting our services to a variety of contexts. Whatever your cloud environment looks like, we are prepared.

Cybersecurity at WirelessCar

As a leading innovator of digital vehicle services, we provide scalable and secure solutions where cybersecurity and data protection are in our DNA. We do this by applying secure by design principles to address the unique characteristics of the connected car and its services. We leverage our twenty-five years of experience in the domain, proven by proactive systematic risk management and being ISO27001 certified, VDA-ISA compliant as well as following NIST and UN R155 regulations for cybersecurity and privacy controls. Our approach to security is one of the reasons many OEMs trust and partner with us.

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How we can boost your cars with digital services?

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