Discover New Business Value And Savings By Leveraging Connected Car Data And Services

Digital Transformation

Connected car data and services not only offer great benefits to consumers but are also key to driving the digital transformation of the automotive industry. A transformation that will deliver a faster response to market demands, higher pace of innovation, and increased operational efficiency supporting the new mobility-centric business landscape. These benefits can be unlocked both within the car maker’s organization at every step of the vehicle design as well as its ecosystem of suppliers, dealers and partners.

The Opportunities

To successfully leverage connected car data, companies need to involve as much of their organization as possible. Data and digital services can enhance all departments across the organization, benefiting disciplines such as planning, sales, logistics, and aftersales. The data collection needs to be secure, accurate, and on time while always maintaining privacy. The benefits of meeting these challenges, however, are multifaceted. Some examples include:

  • Product planning will learn in detail which connected car services and features customers use and can respond faster to new customer expectations. New features can be pushed thanks to over-the-air (OTA) technology, for example.
  • Research & Development: By having real-time access to vehicle diagnostic data, engineers can analyze vehicles under development and correct system behavior in a timely manner, reducing the development time and increasing the overall quality.
  • Marketing and sales will increase sales efficiency by gaining insights into customer preferences and what they are willing to pay for.
  • Logistics will have access to vehicle location, planned routes, and tracking delays, ensuring each asset reaches its planned destination in an efficient way. In the event of a required update during transport, the perfect location will be found.
  • Aftersales will reduce warranty costs and drive customers to their own dealer networks.
  • Dealers can improve their operational efficiency and management of cars. New tools about the vehicle history will also be provided, improving the vehicle remarketing process.

Use Cases

Research & Development

Monitor the diagnostics data of the current vehicle population to give valuable insights into quality trends. Collect diagnostics data during field trials for new vehicle concepts in multiple conditions to achieve better quality at customer launch.

Logistics Tracking

Monitor position, vehicle status, and locate cars when in transit. This will optimize logistics flows, free up tied capital, and provide a better customer delivery experience.

Corporate Car Management

Get better control of your fleet of test vehicles, demo vehicles, and employee vehicles to keep them in good condition.

Remote Diagnostics

Maintain long-lasting customer relationships through, for example, digitized service scheduling and vehicle health reports. Avoid competition from independent repair shops. This is also a way to monitor the overall quality of a vehicle during its lifetime.

Digital Vehicle Certificate

Deliver key historical driving behavior, data, and vehicle integrity secured by block-chain technology. This will be the basis for a more accurate estimation of residual value.

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