Connect Your Fleet To The Sharing Economy

Shared Mobility

To address users' increasingly digitalized demands to access personalized mobility solutions just in time wherever they are, cars need to be "fleet ready". No matter if you provide car-sharing services or want to sell fleet ready cars to mobility providers, using your existing car data to aggregate real-time actionable intelligence results in increased vehicle utilization and has huge potential.

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The Challenges

Most vehicles stand still 96% of the time—a utilization rate that must be increased to meet the expectations of shared and sustainable mobility. This requires demand-based availability of cars as well as sharing based on individual choice.  However, none of the above will be turned into viable businesses if they aren't efficiently supported by data-driven business processes. Smart solutions for shared mobility, enabled by embedded connected car technology, will help transform the way mobility providers do business and at the same time boost business growth for car makers.

Our Product

Digital Key Management

Digital Key Management enables OEMs to offer a digital car key or phone-as-a-key, revolutionizing vehicle access for both private consumers and Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) use cases. Our product is designed to be compliant with the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) standard, ensuring a solution where security meets seamless convenience.

Fleet Essentials

Fleet Essentials provides services that enable a fleet of vehicles to be organized in a structured way. Roles and rights to access vehicle data are managed while data and services are delivered securely to any business customers. The product offers flexible connected car integration options and APIs that enable OEM business customers to build solutions with the features that their end users need.

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Why WirelessCar?

By integrating deeply with your connected car platform, we can give you unique support in offering services to mobility providers (B2B) in addition to consumer (B2C) services. We help you take advantage of the embedded connectivity and manage data, services, and relationships between cars, drivers, and owners in real-time. This will create a unique brand solution and a competitive edge, compared to aftermarket solutions, that help your customers increase their return on investment, and ultimately, their satisfaction.

Webinar: How Can a Connected Car Transform Car Rentals Through Digital Services?

Mobility providers are a highly competitive and interesting segment of the B2B market. To succeed, these companies require solutions that increase operational effectiveness and customer satisfaction as well as differentiate their businesses. For that purpose, embedded connected car data is an enormous well of untapped potential! By making such data available to mobility providers, you add value and new revenue streams to your B2B offer and increase your competitiveness towards that segment.

Find out more about the challenges, the benefits, and how to boost sales to mobility providers in the video here.

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