Life Cycle Management Of Digital Services

Subscription Management

Vehicles today have the capacity of being continuously upgraded with technical capabilities during their entire lifetime. To manage digital services that are under constant change will become increasingly more important as the complexity of the vehicle increases. With Subscription Management, you will be in control.

The Opportunities

There is a growing focus today on maximizing the value of the car during its entire life both from a revenue and sustainability perspective. Moreover, customers are increasingly accustomed to personalized experiences and effortless updates. To secure loyalty and attraction, not only for the first owner, but all owners and users, digital services need to evolve. Full control of the life cycle of digital services is essential.

Our Product

Subscription Management makes it easy for car makers to manage digital services for their cars and customers throughout the entire vehicle life cycle. The product manages the relations between services, users, and vehicles and enables attractive subscription models for all types of customers such as car owners, leasers, and mobility providers.

Vehicle makers can set up whichever digital services they want to provide in an administration tool. Thanks to its unique vehicle rule engine, marketeers can tailor offerings for specific markets, vehicles, models, or any other vehicle criteria. The digital services to be offered are displayed in the form of plans, containing one or more services. The end-customer can then subscribe to these plans according to various models.

Transportation and technology concept. ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems). Mobility as a service.

Features and Benefits

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Why WirelessCar?

Subscription Management is based on our long and varied experiences of cultivating OEM telematics solutions from the ground up. Compared with other solutions on the market, our product has a clear focus on the specific nature of digital services for connected cars. It is designed and proven to work seamlessly with other WirelessCar products and customer solutions while well-architected service components allow for OEM-specific configurations where needed. Our OEM-facing interfaces enable you and your partners to build the user experience you want to offer your customers.

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