Protect The Vehicle And Ensure The Well-being Of All Road Users

Safety and Security

A car is only safe and secure when it ensures the physical integrity of the vehicle, driver, passengers and other vehicles on the road. This fact is vital to market acceptance of current and future mobility trends. Offering attractive and personalized services that provide safety and security to your customers is also a great way to create engagement and differentiate from the competition.

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The Challenges

Safety and security are commonly ranked high among car users. There is great focus in the industry on reducing fatalities by offering active safety solutions. As for security, there are new regulatory requirements for car makers to put cyber security management systems in place to avoid jeopardizing safety due to security incidents.  To meet these demands car makers must continuously focus on advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) that ultimately lead to autonomous cars, call center services for aiding drivers in distress, and ensuring that their cars and services are protected against cyber security threats.

Our Products

Call Center Services

Call Center Services is a product that enables car makers’ call centers to provide secure and professional customer service. Our product offers a standardized set of globally proven safety and concierge services. It is easy to integrate into your partner ecosystem around the globe and helps to achieve the full potential of safety and security offerings.

How to improve driver behaviour
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Why WirelessCar?

WirelessCar has 25 years of experience in providing safety and security services; they were, in fact, the first services we launched. Our solutions offer freedom of choice. With us, you get flexibility in what channel to deliver the services, such as an app or a customer engagement center. Low integration efforts also offer freedom to choose service providers. We can work with your existing partners or suggest new ones - it is up to you. Our global reach provides market flexibility. Millions of cars and their users are dependent on our service every day for their safety and security.

Webinar: How can car data improve driver behavior and what benefits does that bring?

Presented by WirelessCar and Autoliv

Analyzing driver behavior is not all new, but combining enriched data from the connected car with data from the drivers’ mobile phones is, and it has huge potential to enable new sales and better margins to both fleet customers and consumers.

Topics we cover during this webinar include:

  • Introduction to what Safe Driving Behavior is
  • Available data
  • Example use cases
  • Benefits that can be achieved
  • How do I get started?

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