Industry-leading support to launch and operate a connected mobility solution

Professional Services

The benefits of successfully executing a connected mobility solution are undeniable: from timely market launches to better customer satisfaction and increased operational efficiency.

However, launching and operating a connected car program is complex and involves significant risk. It requires experience, technical expertise and organizational maturity to bring services to market efficiently and ensure that they not only last but improve over time. Set yourself up for success with WirelessCar’s Professional Services.

Accelerate your time to market with WirelessCar's Professional Services

What we offer

Fully managed service

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WirelessCar provides a complete customer program with dedicated DevOps teams as well as our own tools and processes. Together with the customer, we develop, operate and support their mobility solution 24/7/365 from the cloud according to agreed service levels.  

Dedicated teams

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Some customers need help finding experienced resources but prefer to provide their own cloud and tools. In this case, WirelessCar offers dedicated teams that work with the customer to design and develop their mobility solution. 

The Benefits


WirelessCar has a track record of getting the job done: 25 years of hands-on experience managing several million connected cars in 100+ markets. Our expertise covers all aspects of design, implementation and operation.

Value at high pace

We aim to deliver value to the market quickly. We know that this requires a collaborative environment where we work agile and closely with the customer. At the same time, we focus on building services that bring immediate value and keeping things simple.

Continuous improvement

We know how to build services that last despite ever-changing conditions. This means we create solutions where changes can be performed incrementally and at speed without sacrificing quality and security.

Security by design

"Design and build for secure solutions from the start." Cybersecurity is always central to the solutions we build. Our approach to security is one of the reasons many car makers trust and choose to partner with us.

Operational focus

We operate services with the quality and availability customers expect. By working with industry-proven processes and a DevOps approach, we take responsibility for what we develop not only up to launch but over time.


Customers can also take advantage of our cloud-based products in order to further increase speed and reduce risk. We help customers to successfully integrate the product, maximize its value and quickly launch their solution.

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Why WirelessCar?

WirelessCar´s Professional Services enables car makers to reduce risk and reach their goals faster. We offer a unique approach to tackle the challenges and realize a connected car program by combining a global team of talented experts with a refined way of working.

Curious to know more?

No matter your challenges and visions, we are looking forward to learning about them, and exploring how we can solve them together.