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Position & Journey

Built on real-world data and learnings from millions of vehicle journeys over the course of many years, we have developed Position & Journey to meet the needs of automotive applications. In its essence, it is a product that manages car location and trip data, allows for enrichment of that data, and provides insights on how, when and where vehicles are driven.

The Opportunities

Utilizing car location and trip data unlocks opportunities to offer new connected car services that strengthen your portfolio without being dependent on the long lead time of vehicle development projects. However, car services need to be secure and reliable to be useful and globally deployable. Cars naturally move around a lot, sometimes in environments where data streams can be interrupted either by physical aspects of the environment – such as tunnels and ferries - or even by technological or legislative barriers. They also create large amounts of data that need to be stored and efficiently managed so that the data can be packaged and used, both for business intelligence and as a foundation for location-centric services.

Our Product

Position & Journey provides OEMs with an easy to integrate solution for location ingestion, storage, and exposure. Our product will be your basis for implementing connected car services such as Car Finder, Journey Log, Cost Reporting and Geofence services. Journeys can also be enriched with external data for more sophisticated services like Driver Behaviour. Vehicle-generated location data is streamed to the product’s Vehicle API. For customers using Android Automotive OS, our journey log application can stream the data. It is then transformed into a normalized format and stored as a single position point, representing the last known location, or as a part of an ongoing journey.

In addition, data security measures are applied to ensure that all privacy aspects are handled appropriately and local legislations – for instance GDPR – are adhered to. On the other side of the product lies a Service API that allows you to use the position and trip data, enrich the data, and subscribe to changes in the data so that you can build your services.

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The Benefits

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Use Cases

Car Finder

Enable users of a mobile app to view the position of their vehicle and navigate to the car. Receive notifications if the position changes.

Journey Log

Create a log that enables users to easily label their business trips and obtain accurate information for time and distance traveled.

Driver Behavior

Enable visibility of driver behavior by incorporating data that provides insights into the driving characteristics of ongoing trips throughout the journey.

Journey Enrichment

Enable visibility of the external environment during a trip by incorporating weather data, air quality data, traffic, or road conditions into the trip data.

Cost Reporting

Create visibility into how fees, such as congestion charges or road tolls, relate to trips. In combination with trip labelling – personal or business – ease a driver’s expense reporting for business-related trips.

Geofence Services

Enforce green driving zones by alerting users of driving restrictions, changing the drive mode, or tagging parts of journeys as green zone areas. Create parental controls and notifications related to where the car is driven when used by a minor.

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Why WirelessCar Position and Journey

Why WirelessCar?

With more than ten million connected cars in over 100 markets over the world, we have the experience to deliver digital services with the highest reliability, quality, and security. We continually enhance our products based on new knowledge and our twenty-plus years of experience in the automotive industry. As trends towards EVs and car sharing increase, we can provide the necessary location-based services to meet drivers’ expectations and increase your customers’ brand loyalty. Our product, Position & Journey, helps you overcome the challenges of inaccurate location data and allows you to focus on creating the best possible connected car services for your customers.

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