Revolutionizing Connected Car Service Delivery

In-Vehicle Apps

With WirelessCar’s new Android Automotive OS (AAOS) applications, vehicle manufacturers will be able to offer new connected car services with little to no lead time and dramatically reduced expense. AAOS apps open the door to rapid integration of the premium cloud-based connected car services designed, operated and evolved by WirelessCar over the past twenty-five years.

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The Opportunities

Car makers are currently locked into long development cycles. It can take twelve to twenty-four months in order to bring hardware, software and new in-vehicle logic to market. AAOS apps have revolutionized this model of connected car service delivery, allowing for improved connected car services with shorter time to market. This new model allows WirelessCar to make direct updates to our in-vehicle apps as we evolve our cloud-based service and product portfolio, enabling car makers to improve their offerings over the lifecycle of the vehicle.

Journey Log

The Journey Log application collates and tracks details about each ride taken in a vehicle, securely storing the data in the WirelessCar cloud. The in-vehicle app sends trip data to our Position & Journey product, while also consuming the Position & Journey API to display the trip information in the vehicle.

This application benefits consumers and businesses who need to track mileage and energy consumption. Consumers can view their trips both inside and outside the vehicle—from smartphones or computers—and categorize trips for business expenses vs private usage.

Meanwhile, such journey intelligence can empower vehicle manufacturers to better analyze real-world vehicle usage for their products and inform future feature and engineering decisions. The service can also be extended for Usage Based Insurance (UBI) applications.

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Data Logger

WirelessCar’s Android Automotive OS application for mobility providers makes it easier to gather trip information for fleets, such as rental car companies. Fleet owners can monitor the usage and availability of fleet vehicles in real time. For example, they can get alerts based on the number of hours each vehicle is used or when it goes out of specified geographical boundaries. The application is co-signed by the OEM and installed as a system app, which enables uninterrupted access to otherwise protected vehicle metrics.

Use Cases

By leveraging the AAOS system and WirelessCar’s in-vehicle apps, car makers will have the following direct benefits:

Digital services for connected cars

Why WirelessCar?

With Android Automotive OS, WirelessCar brings car makers new ways to interact with both their B2C and B2B customers. By leveraging our cloud services and over two decades of automotive expertise, WirelessCar’s in-vehicle applications provide global car makers with a unique opportunity to develop new digital services for their customers in a fraction of the traditional development time.

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Fireside Chat: Revolutionizing Connected Car Service Delivery with New In-Vehicle Interaction

Presented at AutoTech: Detroit 2022

• What opportunities can car makers exploit from connectivity and new in-vehicle interaction?
• How will the development of edge computing technology, such as Android Automotive OS (AAOS), allow car makers to achieve true digitalization and enhance their digital offering?

Featuring Daniel Fredriksson, Head of Business Development at WirelessCar; Thomas Tafanelli, Global Connected Services Manager at Polestar; and  Steve Bell, Chief Analyst, Connectivity, at Informa Tech Automotive Group.

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