Secure A Connected Vehicle Foundation And Life Cycle Management


Get the fundamentals right and realize your digital visions. Much of what you do today as a car maker can be optimized if you take full advantage of connected vehicles. Make sure you're in the driver's seat and utilize all the benefits by securing reliable connectivity and dynamic life cycle management of vehicles, data and services.

Greatest connected car software challenges and opportunities for car makers

The Challenges

Car connectivity is all about making sure that you get the fundamentals right when you implement a connected car cloud. Whatever the reasons driving your needs, your connected car cloud needs to be scalable, flexible and secure. To achieve this we:

  • Maximize the use of cloud services from the vehicle architecture to the cloud
  • Implement API layers to decouple and reduce dependencies and enable multiple consumers of the same service
  • Secure scalability both geographically and in volume

The business landscape has become increasingly complex. Your solution also needs to cater to the needs of individual drivers, car owners and service providers. This requires a dynamic way to manage vehicles and services over their life cycle, in order to enable current and future service offerings.

Our Products

Connected Car Essentials

Connected Car Essentials is a suite of products and services that delivers a secure and reliable connected car end-to-end experience to your customers. Car makers can take advantage of economy of scale, cut time-to-market, and reduce complexity. Connected Car Essentials aims to ensure that all car makers can utilize connected car services. 

Subscription Management

Subscription Management makes it easy for car makers to manage digital services for their cars and customers throughout the entire vehicle life cycle. The product manages the relations between services, users, and vehicles and enables attractive subscription models for all types of customers such as car owners, leasers, and mobility providers.

Why WirelessCar?

Customer insights and input from handling millions of cars worldwide over the last 25 years has given us the experience to bring a full end-to-end perspective on connectivity. By reducing complexity, our goal is to lower the thresholds of building a connected car program. We combine business, technology and culture and push the boundaries for our customers. We offer innovation discovery, products, and professional services to make sure you get a connectivity solution that allows you to reach your full potential in providing world class connected services for your B2C and B2B customers.

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Curious to know more?

No matter your challenges and visions, we are looking forward to learning about them, and exploring how we can solve them together.