Electric Vehicles

Charge Your EV Offering with Smart Digital Services

Using connected digital services smartly is a given way to boost your sales of electric vehicles. The car data can be turned into valuable services, and because the connected car has become a computer on wheels it can be upgraded or modified at any given time. The data is there, connectivity as well, here's what you can do to meet your goals.

The Challenges

The unprecedented rapid growth of the market for electric vehicles is driven by environmental concerns, legislation and customer demands. So are the possibilities to grab new market shares and secure future sales volumes. To succeed, however, you need to address new challenges for consumers, operators, and car makers.

  • Consumers expect smooth, hassle-free charging. This requires additional support and tools to address range and charge anxiety, payment and more.
  • Operators need to adapt to new conditions related to the electrification of vehicles. Because vehicle usage must be optimized while driving and according to charging needs, a higher degree of planning and access to vehicle data is required.
  • Car makers not only have to comply with legal requirements, but they face increased competition from both traditional competitors and new players disrupting the market. This requires that they adapt to digital sales channels and new business models. 

Use Cases

Smart EV Routing

Ensure a hassle-free, comfortable ride. Plan the journey and let the car calculate and direct the driver to suitable charging stations.

Remote Services

Pre-climatization and general remote handling services make the vehicle easier and more convenient to use.

Remote Battery Management

Manage charging and battery handling based on individual profiles, timers, location, battery SOC, plug-in status and departure time.

Plug and Charge

Simplify charging and payment processes based on vehicle identification certificate handling.

Smart EV Routing woman charging her electric vehicle

Smart EV Routing

Smart EV Routing provides car manufacturers (OEMs) with the essential tools needed to alleviate the challenges electric vehicle drivers face during long distance journeys. By addressing these consumer pain points, the OEM builds its brand and increases its credibility while taking advantage of our agnostic and flexible product.

Why WirelessCar?

Every OEM is unique. The solutions and capabilities that are available can vary based on geographical region, car models, car specifications or regulation, etc. WirelessCar provides OEM-specific services and integrations together with our products to achieve an efficient time-to-market with the highest reliability, quality, and security. We believe that electric vehicles have an important role to play, and we believe in making it possible for everyone to move in a safe, sustainable, and smart way is key to a thriving future.


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