Enhance the EV user experience through connectivity and convenience

Seamless Charging

Seamless Charging provides OEMs with the ability to radically improve the user experience when charging an electric vehicle. By making the process of EV charging as smooth and straightforward as your customers expect it to be, you strengthen brand loyalty and help facilitate the next wave of EV adoption.

Charging just became the easy part

Discover the possibilities of Seamless Charging and our vision for hassle-free public charging for EV users.

A guy looking at a charging station

The challenges

Electric vehicle charging comes with several challenges, not least of which is public charging. For anyone who does not have easy access to EV charging infrastructure, using an EV seems too complicated. A lot of apps, tags and cards meant to make the process easier may in fact deter new users; especially if these apps or devices make the charging process less convenient than refueling an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle. How can we enhance the EV user experience to overcome this hurdle?

Success factors for electric vehicle charging

Convenience and simplicity are key factors for electric vehicle charging. The process needs to be as straightforward as your customers expect it to be, so they can and will want to use their EV every day. The charging infrastructure needs to be widely available too, of course, but it does not have to be particularly technologically advanced as long as it is connected to a backend and adheres to common standards.

an electric vehicle charging at the charging station

Seamless Charging—just “Plug and Go”

Fueled by connected vehicle data, Seamless Charging is a WirelessCar concept that simplifies the everyday charging experience for people who cannot charge at home. It allows drivers to park their electric cars, plug them into the power grid, and just go about their business.

This seamless charging experience is achieved by utilizing the information sent to the cloud by both the vehicle and the charging point provider. When the EV gets plugged in at the charging pole, the driver is notified that the battery will be charged without any additional steps, apps or cards. The EV user experience is radically improved through connectivity and convenience.

Curious to know more?

We are currently running several pilot programs for Seamless Charging. If you are an OEM or a CPO and want to learn more, don’t hesitate to contact us!