What does it mean to become truly global – for WirelessCar and for our customers?

July 3rd, 2024

2024 marks WirelessCar’s 25th anniversary; a year when we will expand our presence in Asia, following last year’s office opening in Munich. Since our start in 1999 as a small telematics service provider, WirelessCar has grown into a truly global company. How will that benefit our customers in the automotive industry and make our workplace more attractive for new talent?

How WirelessCar’s global presence benefits OEMs

Long gone are the days when connected car services were Western niche products. Regardless of whether you are a provider or developer (or both) of connected car services, it is essential that you apply a nuanced, global perspective to your digital service portfolio. Different markets present different needs and challenges, and the potential of emerging markets still remains largely untapped.

The increasing heterogeneity of the automotive market in general, and of connected car services in particular, does have its challenges. Differences in market maturity and customer expectations, as well as varying legislative frameworks, for example.

So, how can WirelessCar’s global presence help OEMs overcome these challenges?

1. Market developments: Operating physical offices in key automotive markets worldwide allows us to stay ahead of technological developments and understand local customs, enhancing our ability to meet specific market needs.

2. Legislative requirements: We can follow and act upon the (often changing) legislation and legal requirements of a certain market more easily, ensuring that our connected car services remain compliant and up to date.

3. Operational efficiency: We become more flexible, and more able to cooperate and provide local support. We can scale up operations with greater ease, when and where needed, and operate more efficiently across borders and time zones.

4. Geographical proximity: Even in this digital age, the ability to meet and collaborate as closely as possible with OEMs improves product development and helps generate more ideas for new connected car services.

5. Talent recruitment: Having a global presence makes you an attractive company in the eyes of most employees – current and prospective. That makes it easier for us to find and recruit new talent that will create the connected car services of tomorrow.

two women talking to each other in an office

How our global presence helps make WirelessCar the workplace of choice

With our new offices in Europe and East Asia, we are adding new colleagues – and thus new perspectives – to our organization. At the time of writing, 34 nationalities are represented at WirelessCar, which makes us a truly global company in a cultural sense as well. We believe that our diversity makes us a better workplace, and that it contributes to making us the workplace of choice.

Our company culture, which values individual curiosity and fosters a positive, creative work environment, attracts talent eager to innovate and grow. At WirelessCar, you get to see the value of the work you do in the connected car services you build and operate. Moreover, employees have opportunities for career advancement, including transfers between global offices, which enrich their professional experience. WirelessCar aims to be a place where people can thrive by working at the forefront of new technology and realizing their potential. All of which is likely to benefit our customers, our business operations, and our organization.

WirelessCar future workplace

WirelessCar’s culture of knowledge and innovation

Keeping up with the rapidly changing automotive landscape requires curiosity and continuous learning. As such, WirelessCar invests significant time and resources in our employees. This in terms of education and training, but also DEI, PI Planning, Team Development, and physical get-togethers where we get to know each other better, across our teams and offices.

In addition, it is critical that we find and integrate new talent wherever in the world it may be. A key strength of ours, over our entire 25-year history, has been to learn and improve; evolving along with the automotive industry during this time of great transformation. Simply put, we will not be able to continue doing that unless we have experts and talent from all over the world contributing to our business.

All our coworkers meet regularly, about every six months, in order to further encourage an exchange of ideas, and to foster an even greater sense of community. Doing so helps us achieve two things at once: 1) creating an environment where employees from various backgrounds can discuss innovative ideas for new solutions, and 2) forming an inclusive workplace culture where everyone is welcome and appreciated.

We also have innovation hubs that specifically explore the expertise and skill sets we need, as well as future technologies and solutions. A good example of this is our cross-functional, global discovery team, made up of people working throughout the organization. They are a crucial resource, whose contribution and importance will only grow as WirelessCar expands into both new markets and new technology.

Today, WirelessCar has offices in four countries: Sweden, the United States, China, and Germany. Our connected car services, however, are used in well over a hundred nations around the world, meaning that we have already had a truly global presence for quite some time, in terms of our business offer. With another new office opening this year, we are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead, and how they will make us an even more innovative business partner and employer.

If you have any questions on these topics, feel free to reach out to me via the address below. Make sure to also read about who we are, and the digital offerings and solutions we provide. Stay updated by regularly checking out our WirelessCar Insights Blog, where you get to learn more about the work we do, and what it is like to work at WirelessCar!

Anna Gunlycke
Head of People Talent Strategy