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We predict that it will be cheaper to charge tomorrow night, so you can save some money by waiting until then!

Potential savings with Plug & Save

70 %
Savings last two weeks compared with the average electricity price. Excluding taxes.

Plug & Save offers a prediction on when to charge and the use of Plug & Save is governed by the Terms of Use.

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Please tell us what you think about Plug & Save. Your feedback helps us to make EV charging smarter and more efficient.

Charge Smart, Save Big

Plug & Save

Plug & Save is a WirelessCar concept designed for vehicle manufacturers to support electric vehicle (EV) owners. The goal is to minimize costs and environmental impact associated with charging EVs at home by offering daily recommendations regarding optimal charging times. Through Plug & Save, users can conveniently schedule their charging sessions by identifying the most suitable times in the week when to charge their EVs. What makes Plug & Save unique is that the charging advice is not only based on known costs but also forecasted prices. This makes the recommendation even more powerful.

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How it works

Knowing when prices go up and down each hour is useful for electric vehicle charging. It ensures your car charges in an eco-friendly way, and it helps keep the electricity grid stable. Supported by StormGeo's intelligent electricity price analysis, we predict energy costs and recommend the best times to charge your electric car each day. Understanding this pricing setup allows you to manage your electricity costs. By shifting your charging to times when prices are lower, you can save money. Plug & Save is designed to help you do this in a simple way.

CO2 savings

The cost of producing electricity varies depending on the energy source used to generate it. The cheapest option comes from renewable energy sources such as solar and wind while fossil fuels are much more expensive. When the demand for electricity can be met by renewable energy sources, prices tend to be low; when fossil fuel sources are needed to meet demand, prices are higher. This means that in many markets, there is a correlation between price and energy source. Low electricity prices equal renewable energy sources and less climate impact. Good for you, better for the environment!



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Your Feedback Matters

Please tell us what you think about Plug & Save. Your feedback helps us to make EV charging smarter and more efficient.

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