Meeting new regulations in China for a global car manufacturer’s location-based data

How we helped a global OEM to overcome regulatory challenges in China

In response to China's new regulations on geo-spatial data processing, our global OEM customer needed a compliant solution for their fleet. Our product, Position & Journey, already running in China and in partnership with a licensed agency, enabled us to quickly create an adapter service. The project, from design to testing and deployment, was completed in three months and has been running smoothly with live traffic from day one.

The Challenge

Due to newly introduced regulations in China for geo-spatial data processing, one of our global OEM customers needed a solution for their global fleet of vehicles that would meet these new regulations. The solution would need to check the sensitivity of a geo-location before processing and storing it in WirelessCar’s services. Moreover, the government provided the ability to check the sensitivity of this data to only a few licensed agencies in China. A secure, technical solution that was compliant with China’s regulations needed to be in place within a short timeline.

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The Solution

Technical overview of the deployed solution

Our product, Position & Journey, was already deployed and running in China’s Ningxia region and we already had a partnership setup with a license holder in China. By creating an adapter service using AWS, we were quickly able to provide an out-of-the-box solution to the customer.

Technical overview of the deployed solution


The project was completed within the specified deadlines. In a relatively short timeline of 3 months, we were able to progress from solution design to testing and deployment in production. Live traffic from real vehicles on the road started from day one, and the solution has been running smoothly without bugs or outages since then.

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