WirelessCar’s B2B solutions expand and enhance business opportunities for car makers and car rental companies alike

March 24th, 2021

Connected car data plays a key role in making rental car companies more competitive in their market. Moreover, it makes car makers more competitive toward the entire car rental industry. Accessing and using this data, through an embedded solution in the car, simplifies the workflow for your car rental company customers, and improves the driving experience of their customers in turn. At WirelessCar, we have a long history of developing, delivering, and operating B2B services for connected cars. So, how do we create the best possible solution for you and your B2B customers?

We ensure that you get the most out of your connected car data

Our many years in the connected car industry have taught us about the challenges and opportunities of the B2B segment. Our digital solutions can easily be customized to fit the varying needs of different car makers. This way, you and your customers get the most out of your connected car data. These solutions are built from standardized products that provide the efficiency, flexibility and scalability that state-of-the-art digital services require. They can be delivered with a shortened time to market, while still meeting our strict quality and security standards.

A typical setup in this context could be an OEM solution for fleet structure and access management. A portal for API documentation and access management would then be set up for the car rental company. The solution captures the right dynamic and static vehicle data, refines it and packages it into different data sets that can be customized for each of your B2B customers. The data is delivered and made available to the right recipient and/or system via the API. Lots of different services, related to the health and status of the cars, can be added to this API.

Scalable connected car solutions that suit your business operations

The design of our B2B solutions allows them to expand in line with sales to new car rental company customers. The solutions are also scalable for different geographic markets and volumes. One of WirelessCar’s key strengths is our capability to keep integrating the solutions with new systems, ensuring their evolution and enhancement over time.

Our embedded solutions allow each new car to be easily infleeted and defleeted in the car rental operation. Each car rental company chooses their package of available data points. These solutions create new revenue streams for car makers, forge stronger relationships between them and their B2B customers, and help car rental companies streamline their business operations.

WirelessCar’s B2B solutions connected car data

Connected car data puts car makers and car rentals on the road to the future

While our customers are car makers/OEMs, we are in close cooperation with the car rental industry as well. By knowing what car makers’ B2B customers need, we can provide insights, advice, and state-of-the-art solutions.

We know that car makers have a central role to play in shaping the car rental industry of tomorrow. Connected B2B solutions have the power to transform the way car rental companies do business. Increased vehicle utilization, reduced total cost of ownership (TCO), improved rental compliance, digitalized returns; these are only some of the benefits made possible by connected car data.

You don’t have to take it from us. Alexander Boone is the Senior Director of Mobility Innovation at Sixt, a company that has been an early adopter of touchless rentals. For him, the benefits of using connected car data are clear – to the company as well as their customers:

Connected car data enables a safe and smooth customer experience throughout – when you pick up the car, when you drive it, and when you return it. At the same time, we get all the information and insight we need in terms of vehicle health and status: oil and fuel levels, electric car battery charge, location, mileage, damage detection, maintenance needs, location, and more. This increases our car utilization rate, which in turn increases our revenue, and lowers our costs.”

Contact me at Peter Håkanson if you want to know more about how we can expand and enhance your business operations. Make sure to also read my previous articles on connected car data – what it can do for car makers and car rental companies, and how connected fleet management unlocks the business potential of shared mobility. Visit our WirelessCar blog to read more about the work we do together with our customers!

Peter Håkanson
Product Manager