The future of mobility – it’s about building for change!

December 16th, 2020

There is no way of properly predicting the pace and impact of technology evolution, business disruptions, and the transformation of people’s mindsets. Even the boldest ambitions and the most innovative creations are subject to change, often suddenly and for unexpected reasons. That said, our more than twenty years of building and maintaining digital services for connected cars have provided us with invaluable insights on how to best meet the demands of future mobility. Digital ecosystems for connected cars enable us to make the most out of new technologies. And we are just getting started.

From turnkey telematics features to digital services for connected cars

Our journey started in 1999, when the leading tech giants in Sweden through a joint venture shaped a future vision for connected cars – WirelessCar. The quest to identify values for society through telematics soon turned into a challenging assignment.

WirelessCar was established as a software company from the very beginning. Empowered by know-how from multiple connected car solutions (from leading car makers on the global market) and equipped with a set of powerful building blocks, we were one of the first companies to launch a connected car platform, built for both scale and speed.

Today, telematics has become digital, and features have evolved into services. Digital behavior, subscription-based ownership, Internet of Things (IoT), climate regulation, connected society; these are all major drivers in the creation of a new automotive landscape. Car makers are undergoing tremendous changes and disruptions. The future of mobility will be determined by those at the forefront of software development, service management and data intelligence.

An ecosystem of digital services that provides maximum value for car makers

Creating the most valuable digital services for connected cars is a challenging yet very exciting and rewarding mission, for us as well as our customers. It’s never about having the best technology design. Nor is it about having the best business model, or even the best organization. It’s about understanding where the customer is right there and then, with its existing technology assets, business models, organization, competence, culture, and way of working – and where the customer wants to be in the future.

We still believe, as we have since day one, that we create the most value when we make the most of today's potential, while never losing focus on our vision. One of the greatest insights for us has been the death of turnkey business offers, and the birth of ecosystems of digital services.

WirelessCar Solutions Products Future of Mobility

Solutions and products that enable digital ecosystems for connected cars

The most valuable digital services are not the off-the-shelf services. New technologies can certainly help create incredible things. However, they are of little use if we do not consider the existing legacy solutions, ensure competence development of the staff involved, and redefine the way we work together. Only then can we create and develop new business models suited to the new digital ecosystems for connected cars. 

This is why WirelessCar creates and manages digital solutions that address targeted challenges, and that can easily be customized for each customer. These solutions are built from our standardized products; this in order to add the speed, scalability, flexibility, and efficiency required in the mission-critical automotive context. Make sure to visit our recently launched solutions and products pages to learn more!

Building the safe, smart, and sustainable mobility of the future together with you

Every solution area presented in our portfolio addresses a specific challenge and opportunity. We aim to make a profound difference, and to contribute to our customers’ visions for the safe, smart, and sustainable mobility of the future.

We expect our portfolio to change over time, perhaps even faster than we think. Maybe you will be the reason and inspiration we need to kill one of our darlings, or create new ones. To paraphrase a classic WirelessCar motto: Dare to do it!

Want to know more about how our solutions and products can create more value and new revenue streams for your company? Contact me at Sofia Granath. Visit our website to learn more about who we are, and our way of working, and make sure you read our other blog articles as well – on everything from call center services for connected cars to dynamic lifecycle management and how you can enhance your service portfolio through your existing car cloud.

Sofia Granath
VP Strategy, Product Management & Partnership