WirelessCar continues to grow and enhance our services – 12 highlights from the past year!

January 1st, 2021

It has been said before, but it bears repeating: 2020 was a year like no other. For all of its challenges, it was also a year that brought lots of insights, new partnerships, and other exciting developments – for us as well as our customers. Here are twelve highlights from the past year that add to our sense of optimism for 2021 and beyond!

1. The number of connected cars worldwide keeps increasing steadily
As of November 30th, 2020, there were well over 6,500,000 connected cars worldwide. One of our customers recently reached one million connected cars; this was achieved in a remarkably short time, and with excellent quality.

2. WirelessCar successfully completed the ISO 27001 audit
The auditors pointed out several strengths of ours, such as our management commitment, the organizational commitment, and our Way of Working. Achieving the ISO 27001 (information security) certification shows our commitment and capability in the area of cybersecurity solutions for connected cars.

3. Working remotely during the pandemic put our creativity to the test
As our offices had to close down in the spring, we at WirelessCar had to adapt to working remotely, and meeting and greeting each other via video. Thankfully, this has worked out even better than we could have anticipated! To share our insights, and hopefully inspire others, we wrote a blog article about what we learned about working and planning remotely.

4. A fresh new take on job satisfaction evaluation
WirelessCar works with Winningtemp, a company that measures job satisfaction among employees. Instead of doing a survey once a year, employees receive questions via an app or email on Fridays. This way, they continually share their views on their work situation, personal development, autonomy, leadership, and more. It makes it easier to measure job satisfaction, follow up on the results, and suggest improvements.

5. We launched digital services for Volkswagen ID.3.
The all-electric Volkswagen ID.3. model was launched in September 2020. At WirelessCar, we are incredibly proud to be a part of this historic event. Working with the backend solution for Volkswagens new platform for electric cars, we are very excited to see the digital services being rolled out in many more models, markets, and brands during 2021.

6. We launched plug-in hybrid-electric vehicle services for Daimler
These are digital services for hybrid cars. The services allow the driver to see information about his or her CO₂ emissions, depending on the vehicle’s operation. It is also possible to see to what extent the car operates on electricity or gas, which is useful for car makers and fleet owners as well. In this case, our digital services help Daimler meet environmental requirements. These services also promote sustainable mobility through the collection of data, and the insights that can be gained from it.

7. WirelessCar is working closer with CEVT and Lynk & Co
Having worked on a start-up project for CEVT (owners of Lynk & Co) during 2020, we will soon have exciting news to share with you. WirelessCar is part of a new concept for Lynk & Co, aimed at making car usage more efficient and sustainable.

8. WirelessCar entered into a new framework agreement with the Volkswagen Group
This new framework agreement will facilitate our work and business with all the companies within the Volkswagen group. We look forward to start working on new projects, hopefully together with a multitude of new customers and partners!

9. We launched our new cloud-based connected car solution for Nissan
Prior to 2020, Nissan’s connected car solution (with many hundreds of thousands of connected cars) used on-premises software. We moved their solution to the cloud instead. Using a cloud-based solution has many benefits, including better performance, enhanced cybersecurity, greater flexibility, and improved cost-efficiency. A cloud-based solution is also easier to maintain and future-proof.

10. Our Quality & Cybersecurity Fridays put focus on the many aspects of cybersecurity for connected cars
Cybersecurity remains a key focus area for us. Through our Quality and Cybersecurity Fridays, we spread knowledge about cybersecurity throughout our organization. We make sure that all departments are aligned in their cybersecurity priorities, and that decisions and implementations can be done quickly and in accordance with these priorities. Each Friday workshop has its own agenda, covering different aspects of cybersecurity for connected cars.

11. We have established a Security Operations Team
Our WirelessCar SecOps Team will provide support in the form of operational security services. This in order to ensure maximum cybersecurity for all of our customers’ solutions.

12. A new five-year-agreement signed with Volvo Cars
In 2020, we signed a five-year-agreement with Volvo Cars, regarding connected services. We are very proud of this agreement, and look forward to continuing to work closely with Volvo Cars as one of their key connected car partners.

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Elin Engkvist
Head of Internal Communications & Sustainability