Analyzing Driver Behavior Saves Lives – Introducing a new Collaboration with Autoliv

May 19th, 2020

Ever since the beginning when we launched emergency call for our first customer, using our digital services to save lives has been a cornerstone for WirelessCar. That is why we are pleased to announce that we are partnering with Autoliv, a world leader in safety for mobility and society, to create new insights and mobility solutions around driver behavior that reduce crashes, minimize injuries and reduces the cars’ environmental impact. Through this collaboration, our key expertise from turning car data into digital services, combined with insights gained from smartphones via Autoliv’s Safety Score, will be used. 

Cecilia Sunnevång, Autoliv Vice President Research explains: “By combining our knowledge and understanding of the data, seen from a safety perspective together with the in car insights WirelessCar has, we will be able to form and offer new services that overall will increase safety on our roads”.

Christoffer Malm, Autoliv Director Digital Business and Mobility adds: “This new collaboration is all about accessing the right data, the right amount of data and combining it with smartphone data to identify opportunities to positively change driver behavior”

Peter Håkanson, Product Manager at WirelessCar shares our perspective, “This collaboration enables a further enrichment of our Connected Fleet solution, which will help our customers’ B2B customers make car ownership more sustainable for the environment, get a reduced cost of car ownership and means to better protect their drivers. In the consumer segment we also see several new interesting applications for car makers such as giving relevant feedback to those who practice driving or those who have recently received a driving license. We are proud and excited to make a difference for our customers through this collaboration.”

Together we have released a whitepaper with more in depth information about our research and findings. Download it below and take look at this short video talking about our journey together to save lives.

Read more about the research in our co-authored Whitepaper
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Elin Engkvist
Head of Internal Communications & Sustainability

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