WirelessCar Whistleblowing System for China

Welcome to WirelessCar Whistleblowing System for China


Complying with statutory regulations and internal rules has top priority at WirelessCar. The success of our company is based on Integrity and Compliance. To meet this standard, it is important to learn of potential employee or supplier misconduct and to put a stop to it.


This Whistleblowing Policy (the “Policy”) encourages our employees to freely speak up matters concerning the Company and provides a whistleblowing mechanism to our employees.


The whistleblowing mechanism under the Policy is a complimentary service offered to our employees. It is not intended to replace but to complement other existing reporting mechanisms and channels of communication within WirelessCar Group (the “Group”), e.g., internal auditors, legal departments or staff representatives.


Scope of application  适用范

The Policy applies to all the Company’s employees, officers, directors, interns and temporary staff members who are working for the Company (“You”).


You can report relevant misconduct of any of the Employees and/or relevant third parties that have dealing with the Company, including but not limited to any clients, consultants, agents, suppliers.


How can you make a whistleblower report? 您如何进行举报

When there are reasonable grounds to suspect misconduct, you can make relevant report to us by sending email to  .

当您有合理理由怀疑存在不当行为时,您可以通过发送电子邮件至  向我们进行相关举报。

Is anonymous report acceptable? 可以匿名举报吗

Yes, you can choose to make your report anonymously. However, report in a complete anonymity may make it more difficult for us to investigate the issue. By letting us know who you are, we can contact you directly to discuss your concerns. This will help us investigate the issue more quickly and efficiently. Therefore, we encourage you to provide your identity when making the whistleblowing report.


How will your report be processed? 们将如何处理您的举报

Please be aware that all the reports will be sent to VP, Asia Pacific or China Hub Manager if the report does not concern them, otherwise VP HR or Compliance Manager in Sweden will be contacted.

请悉知:所有举报内容都将发送至VP, Asia Pacific 或 China Hub Manager(如果举报内容与他们无关),否则举报内容将转送至瑞典总部的HR VP或Compliance Manager。

Rules of procedure for WirelessCar Beijing can be found here.

Confidentiality and anti-retaliation 保密及反报复

Identity protection 份保

We will adopt necessary measures to protect you as a whistleblower. We will keep your information (such as your identity and the contents of your report) confidential and process your information on a need-to-know basis. We will not share your information with the person(s) concerned in your report unless you provide consent or we are permitted or otherwise required by law.


Zero tolerance to retaliation 对报复行为零容忍

We prohibit discrimination, retaliation or harassment of any kind against you as whistleblower who submits a complaint or report in good faith. If you believe that you are being subjected to discrimination, retaliation or harassment for having made a report under the Policy, please report those facts to us. Reporting should be done promptly to facilitate investigation and the steps to address the retaliation.


Do you have further questions or do you need a local contact?

Any questions concerning the Whistleblower System at WirelessCar can always be addressed to our Compliance Manager via



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