Diversity and Inclusion in Todays Tech Companies – An Observation from Someone on the Inside

March 8th, 2020

I’m a 36-year-old woman working in IT in the automotive industry. I’m in minority! Sometimes I’am even considered young, wow!  So, what is that like?  Well, it can be frightfully dull, and boring, and completely … completely wonderful (quote from Cinderella).

I’ve worked at WirelessCar for over seven years and I’ve had a number of different roles where I have learnt a lot from others. But it has also been hard, some days I feel like a total fraud that does not fit in (yes, the whole dictionary entry about the impostor syndrome).

To encourage the “learning-from-others” I have recently been part of setting up a new network for the women at WirelessCar. The goal of the network is to bring women together: to boost each other, share experiences and have fun. We recently had a lunch talk where two successful WirelessCar women told us their stories and gave tips on how to succeed. The best advice I got was from our Vice President Sales & Marketing who said, you need to find what drives you and focus on that, rather than aiming for a specific role. Are you like me, a person who loves customer relationships, teamwork and leadership?

WirelessCar is packed with amazingly smart, creative and skilled people but sometimes I feel the need of a girly chat about something silly like the perfect red lipstick or this seasons jeans cut, but also on a more serious note get an extra push to apply for a new role or get advice on how to tackle a challenging situation. For me it is important to have a mix of people around me, to learn from everyone. WirelessCar has according to me exactly that, some people who likes lipsticks some who doesn’t.

At WirelessCar we are not yet 50/50 equal in our management team, there is always room for improvements! I think that diverse teams take better decisions, something that I find important in this fast-moving industry of tech. My hope is that our women at WirelessCar network will lift the woman at WirelessCar even further to dare to apply for more senior roles and speak up.

On a day like today, International Women’s Day, I think it is important to praise the wonderful women we have around us every day at work. For me; the power women in our management team, my boss, my team members, everyone in our women at WirelessCar network, my colleagues and my future colleagues. You are awsome!

If you want to join us at WirelessCar and be part of our network, check out our open positions or send a spontaneous application. And remember, you can do anything you put your mind to!