Delivering an advanced EV route planner for a global, high-volume OEM

Advanced EV route planner in 6 months

With the continued growth of the electric vehicle (EV) market, a global, high-volume OEM wanted to provide state-of-the-art navigation for EVs to their customers. Their aim was to deliver smartphone-based EV navigation across Europe supporting replication technologies (CarPlay, Android Auto) in less than six months to align with the release of new vehicle models.


Despite the incredible global growth of the EV market, there are still significant challenges to address before mass EV adoption is achieved. Not least of these hurdles is the EV driver’s need to reach their destination without anxiety in changing conditions. A global, high-volume OEM decided that it wanted to deliver a smartphone-based EV navigation experience across Europe supporting replication technologies (CarPlay, Android Auto) with its release of new vehicles. The EV route planner therefore had to be developed and completed in less than six months, with the ability to scale in terms of additional services, vehicles, and markets.

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To meet the needs of the company, WirelessCar used its Smart EV Routing product to deliver an intuitive, safe-in-use and accurate EV trip planner that continuously accounts for changing conditions. WirelessCar integrated best-in-class service providers in one solution, including cloud, map, and charging network providers. Crucially, Smart EV Routing leveraged real-time connected vehicle data for optimized vehicle charging and consumption behaviors. Vehicle properties, environmental data, and charging station data were also all implemented in the solution.

Smart EV Routing seamlessly integrated with CarPlay and Android Auto in-car platforms as well as the OEM’s selected map and charging network providers. As a result, advanced EV navigation was enabled, and a unified and seamless experience between the OEM companion app and the Smart EV Routing smartphone application was achieved.


By leveraging our cloud-based Smart EV Routing product and established partner ecosystem, WirelessCar delivered a smartphone-based EV route planner to the OEM in less than six months. As a result, the customer could launch their advanced EV navigation tool with the release of new vehicles in Europe, with more models, markets and deliveries planned for 2024. By providing this differentiating service to its end users, the OEM’s brand perception benefited as EV drivers could now enjoy peace of mind while driving and planning trips with their electric vehicles.

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