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Five key facts about WirelessCar

  • WirelessCar is an automotive telematics service provider (TSP) providing manufacturers of cars and commercial vehicles with customized  telematics services to end-customers anywhere in the world.
  • Current reference customers are BMW, Volvo Cars, Chrysler, Audi, Nissan, Qoros, Volvo Trucks and Volvo Construction Equipment.
  • Our customers share key assets, processes and resources at WirelessCar’s, which means low and diminishing cost as well as rapid deployment in new markets.
  • We integrate our services from best-of-breed suppliers, partners and assets to allow our customers to compete at leading-edge level globally.
  • We are owned by the Volvo Group, the world’s second largest heavy commercial vehicle manufacturer, reporting into Volvo IT,  leaverging their true global service delivery network and 5000+ strong employees as resource- and knowledge pool. This enables us to have offices and local service delivery capacity in Sweden ( HQ), North America, China and Brazil.