WirelessCar Whistleblowing System for US

WirelessCar Whistleblowing System for US

Complying with statutory regulations and internal rules has top priority at WirelessCar. The success of our company is based on Integrity and Compliance. To meet this standard, it is important to learn of potential employee or supplier misconduct and to put a stop to it. To be able to comply with anti-trust law, WirelessCar has its own whistleblowing system. A so-called Suitable Body, consisting of VP People & Culture, Compliance Manager and Legal Counsel will examine every report thoroughly and follow it up systematically.

A key pillar of our Whistleblowing System is the principle of procedural fairness. It also guarantees protection for whistleblowers, persons implicated and employees contributing to the investigation of reported misconduct. This policy is designed to protect employees and address the commitment which WirelessCar has as it relates to integrity and ethical behavior. In accordance with anti-retaliation and whistleblower protection regulations, WirelessCar will not tolerate any retaliation against a reporting employee. The information will be processed in a fair, timely and protected process.

Find more information on the procedural principles of WirelessCar’s procedure here.


Making a report to our Whistleblowing System

The Whistleblowing System offers different channels to report potential employee misconduct that allow a swift review and response by our company if necessary.

Employees who wish to report a violation should contact

  • VP North Americas,
  • People & Culture North Americas,
  • VP People & Culture, or
  • Compliance Manager,

directly, where a prompt and thorough investigation will take place as discreetly as possible.

Employees should also review his or her federal, state and local requirements for any additional reporting guidelines. Employees who have questions or concerns regarding this policy and related reporting requirements should contact VP North Americas, People & Culture North Americas, VP People & Culture or Compliance Manager.


You can also get in contact with the Suitable Body of WirelessCar via e-mail:

Making a report to our Whistleblowing System – Postal address /in person 

Book appointment via e-mail prior to visit and we will determine the nearest WirelessCar site of your convenience

For those who wish to report an issue or concern anonymously please use mail address below.

Whistleblower – Suitable Body

Postal Address:

Att: Compliance Manager

Vädursgatan 6

412 50 Göteborg


Do you have further questions or do you need a local contact?

Any questions concerning the Whistleblowing System at WirelessCar can always be addressed to our Compliance Manager via