WirelessCar Whistleblowing System for Sweden

Our Whistleblowing System

Complying with statutory regulations and internal rules has top priority at WirelessCar. The success of our company is based on Integrity and Compliance. To meet this standard, it is important to learn of potential employee or supplier misconduct and to put a stop to it. To be able to comply with EU Whistleblower regulations and competition law we at WirelessCar Sweden have our own whistleblower system. A so-called Suitable Body, consisting of VP People & Culture, Compliance Manager and Legal Counsel will examine every report thoroughly and follow it up systematically.

A key pillar of our Whistleblowing System is the principle of procedural fairness. It also guarantees protection for whistleblowers, persons implicated and employees contributing to the investigation of reported misconduct. This also includes offering opportunities for anonymous reporting and communication. We assure not to perform any steps in order to identify anonymous whistleblowers, who do not misuse our Whistleblowing System. Retaliation of whistleblowers and all persons who contribute to investigations at WirelessCar will not be tolerated. Persons implicated are presumed innocent until the violation is proven. Investigations will be conducted with the utmost confidentiality. The information will be processed in a fair, fast and protected process.

Information in Swedish

Att följa lagstadgade regler och interna regler samt principerna i vår uppförandekod har högsta prioritet hos WirelessCar. Det är viktigt att lära sig om potentiella anställdas eller leverantörers missförhållanden och att sätta stopp för det. För att kunna följa konkurrenslagstiftning och EU:s Whistleblower-regler har vi på WirelessCar ett eget Whistleblower-system. Med utgångspunkt i principen om processuell rättvisa garanterar Whistleblower-systemet största möjliga skydd för visselblåsare, inblandade personer och anställda som bidrar till utredningen av rapporterade missförhållanden.

Do you have any concern or feedback regarding a WirelessCar product or service?

If you have any questions or inquiries, feedback or complaints about services provided by WirelessCar or our business partners (e.g. car dealerships, workshops), please find appropriate contacts here. We kindly ask for your understanding that the Whistleblowing System unfortunately cannot process customer complaints.

Making a report to our Whistleblowing System

The Whistleblowing System offers different channels to report potential employee misconduct that allow a swift review and reaction by our company if necessary.

However this does not affect the statutory right to contact designated authorities as described below.


You can get in contact with the Suitable Body of WirelessCar via e-mail:

Information in Swedish: Genom WirelessCars visselblåsarsystem så kan du rapportera om möjliga missförhållanden och oegentligheter hos WirelessCar och hos våra leverantörer. Du kan rapportera via denna epost-adress: .

Det går även att skicka brev eller komma in till vårt kontor i centrala Göteborg. Dessa adresser finner du i den blå rutan.

Making a report to our Whistleblowing System Postal address /in person 

Please make an appointment in advance by writing an E-mail to if you wish to report anything in person

How do we process your report

The Suitable Body examines every report for potential misconduct by a WirelessCar employee or supplier thoroughly and follow it up systematically. First, you will get a confirmation of receipt. The Suitable Body then assesses your report. This includes gathering facts particularly from the whistleblower. Only if this initial evaluation shows grounds for suspicion of a violation an investigation will start. Afterwards, the results of the investigation will be assessed by the Suitable Body and appropriate measures will be taken. Information about the status* and the outcome of the procedure will be given to you without undue delay.

Potential violations of the Code of Conduct by suppliers, including serious risks and violations of human rights and environment by direct and indirect suppliers, can also be reported to the Suitable Body - as well as reports requiring otherwise immediate action. The Suitable Body will inform the responsible departments, who will process the issue accordingly. This particularly includes taking the necessary measures to minimize or end violations and/or risks.

Find more information on the procedural principles of WirelessCar’s procedure here.

* The processing time varies depending on the subject of the procedure

Do you have further questions?

Questions concerning the Whistleblowing System at WirelessCar can also be addressed to our Compliance Officer/responsible function via

If you have been interviewed in terms of an investigation, you have the possibility to give feedback to the Ombudsperson as independent body. WirelessCar does not currently have a designated Ombudsman but we are obliged to support you with finding one if needed.

Information in Swedish

Har du ytterligare frågor eller söker en lokal kontakt?

Frågor om Whistleblower-systemet hos WirelessCar kan också ställas till vår Compliance Officer/ansvarig funktion via
Om du har intervjuats i en utredning har du möjlighet att ge feedback till en Ombudsman som ett oberoende organ. WirelessCar har för närvarande ingen utsedd Ombudsman men vi är skyldiga att hjälpa dig att hitta en om det behövs.

External Reporting Channel of Sweden

The Swedish government has defined designated authorities, that also accept reports on misconduct as external reporting channels. The Swedish Work Environment Authority (Arbetsmiljöverket) is the main authority for whistleblower reporting, if there is no other suitable authority. Please visit their webpage for further information: https://www.av.se/en/about-us/contact-us/

One can also leave tip-offs with the police: https://polisen.se/en/contacting-the-police/

Information in Swedish

Externa rapporteringskanaler

I Sverige finns, av regeringen, utsedda myndigheter som även tar emot anmälningar om missförhållanden, s.k. externa rapporteringskanaler. Arbetsmiljöverket är huvudmyndighet för rapportering, om det inte finns någon annan lämplig myndighet. Besök gärna deras hemsida för mer information: https://www.av.se/sv/om-oss/kontakt-oss/

Relevanta rapporteringskanaler är:

Det finns även möjlighet att lämna tips till polisen: https://polisen.se/en/contacting-the-police/