WirelessCar Whistleblower System for Sweden

Welcome to WirelessCar Whistleblower System for Sweden

Complying with statutory regulations and internal rules has top priority at WirelessCar. To avoid damage to the cooperation, its employees and business partners, rules and standards are respected. WirelessCar Sweden AB is a direct affiliate of VWAG and utilizes the VW Group Whistleblower System framework, but is limited to reports dealing with topics reportable under Swedish law. It applies to all officers, directors and (full-time and part-time) employees of WirelessCar Sweden AB and any person having a legitimate interest in reporting in good faith regulatory violations and serious regulatory violations.

Swedish legislation prohibits non-government registration of illegal activities. The only exception from this is when the violations listed below are committed by employees in key positions or management positions.

  • accounting
  • internal accounting control
  • auditing matters
  • the fight against bribery
  • banking and financial crimes
  • other serious irregularities concerning the company’s vital interests or the life and health of individuals

Hints against WirelessCar employee’s holding positions other than those considered key or management or related to any other type of crimes than described above must be directed to local authorities. Whistleblowers will be protected by Swedish law, regarding general hints provided locally to authorities and other official channels.

Contact information

Violations, as described above, are legally allowed to be reported, if committed by key personnel or management positions and can be reported by different methods/contacts available from www.volkswagenag.com/hint.

Local Compliance contact

In cases where the violation falls within the definitions stated above in accordance with Swedish legislation, but where the Central Investigation Office decides that they should be handled locally, WirelessCar’s local compliance contacts will handle the cases. WirelessCar Compliance Manager will be the recipient from all hints delegated by the Central investigation Office. WirelessCar’s local compliance contacts will consist of WirelessCar Compliance Manager and Vice President HR and will conduct the investigation. Other hints of violations committed, but not legally allowed to be registered as described above, can be reported verbally to WirelessCar’s Compliance Manager or Vice President HR.

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