WirelessCar Rising Stars trainee program launched

September 1st, 2022

Yesterday was the first day of our brand new yearly reoccurring trainee program “The Rising Stars”. A program tailor-made for WirelessCar and arranged by NewMinds, with the purpose to onboard junior software development talents to accelerate our journey. The program for the next half year is packed with trainings, mentor sessions and on-the-job learnings. The goal? To get new WirelessStars that can help us grow and go places.

“We are so happy to launch this program today. It is really a winwinwin situation – a catapult forward for the new rising stars, a vitamin boost for us at WirelessCar, and help to bridge the gap between schools and working life,” says Anna Gunlycke, Talent Procurement & Growth Manager.

The kick-off

The kick-off was celebrated at WirelessClub, at the newly refurbished Gothenburg office, with welcome speeches from Anna Gunlycke who is the driving force of this program, CTO Jessica Nymark and Senior Manager Program House Marc Brouwer. Jessica talked about her own career beginning as a trainee, sharing the advice to network as much as you can. And Marc urged everyone to Dare do to it! To ask questions, to question the established truths, and to be curious.

All the rising stars at WirelessClub

The Rising Stars

The rising stars were a great mix of young women and men, with a passion for code, cars, Gothenburg, Cloud, and for being part of transforming one of the largest industries out there – the automotive industry. Everyone is excited and full of energy to meet their teams and get started!

Now it is time to buckle up and get going! Welcome on board!

If you want to know more about The Rising Stars, please contact Anna Gunlycke.

Elin Engkvist
Head of Internal Communications & Sustainability