WirelessCar joins the Car Connectivity Consortium

December 23rd, 2020

The mobile phone is the most essential device for most of us as more and more functions move into the phone. Car functions are not an exception. Today most car brands offer phone services to control your car, for example for heating or cooling the cabin. Using your phone as a key is possible for some car brands today and this convenient way of locking or unlocking your car is here to stay.

But using a digital key is not only for convenience. In the mobility business, for car sharing or car rental solutions for example, physical keys are limiting the service. Being able to utilize the phone as key gives a huge advantage towards physical keys in terms of flexibility, security and efficiency.

Therefore, we are now joining the Car Connectivity Consortium and their efforts to standardize the exchange of digital keys between cars and phones. We believe that setting an industrial standard is the way to go to secure a wide adoption that will benefit us all. With our experience in connected cars and digital services we see ourselves in the right position to offer digital key solutions for car makers who wish to make their mobility proposition more attractive.

If you want to find out more about this, you are very welcome to send me a message (please find my e-mail address below). You can also find out more about Car Connectivity Consortium on their website.

Martin Lundh
Senior Product Manager