Free Webinar: Challenging the Idea of Disruption in the Automotive Industry

December 7th, 2021

Webinar presented by Reuters Events and WirelessCar

In this webinar, moderator Roger C. Lanctot, Director Automotive Connected Mobility at Strategy Analytics, leads a group of industry experts in an insightful discussion about the topic of disruption in the automotive industry and the need for digital transformation.

The panelists include:

Prashant Tiwari, Director – Intelligent Connected Systems Division, Toyota North America
Roger Hjelm, Global Head of Connected Car, Polestar
Sofia Granath, Vice President Strategy, Product management & Partnership, WirelessCar

Some key concepts the panel addresses include:

  • Evolution of Connected Car Data and Services: As more connected cars are on the road, the automotive data being generated by ECUs and CANs are rising rapidly. Hear how OEMs are enabling the development of services for drivers such as traffic management and safety services.
  • Personalized In-Vehicle Experience: Delivering this within multiple aspects of the car journey is becoming a greater focus amongst automakers whilst ensuring vehicle security and driver safety. Understand the importance of leveraging edge computing to address the ever-evolving challenges that comes with the large volumes of data generated with developing these services.
  • New Revenue Streams: A connected car enables automakers to diversify their revenue streams and remain competitive. Hear how partnerships with companies such as Amazon and Apple allow automakers to deliver a more convenient and relevant in-vehicle experience.

Watch this on demand webinar here and learn more about where we are on the path towards digital transformation, what solutions exist today, and what is needed to succeed.


Jessica Renheim
Marketing Specialist