We are happy to strengthen our position in China

February 21st, 2019

For us, 2018 was a year of great changes; we increased the number of connected vehicles using our services with more than 50%, new customers have entered and we became an independent company globally. It has also been a year to remember for us in China, where we registered a new company and expanded our team with the ambition to help our customers grow on the Chinese market.

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Car connectivity in China is booming

Thanks to the Chinese government’s great encouragement, changing consumer expectations, the evolution of connected vehicle technology and the power from the capital market, China is now expected to be in the forefront for intelligent and connected vehicles (ICV) in the coming years. The industry is expected to reach around CNY100 billion (USD 14.4 billion) by 2020 according to MIIT. Thanks to China’s great effort through its ICV Roadmap, 50% of new vehicles sold in 2020 will be equipped with ICV functions, including 10% conditional autonomous vehicles (L3). According to McKinsey, China will likely emerge as the world’s largest market for autonomous vehicles, worth more than $500 billion in revenue from sales of new autonomous vehicles and mobility services by 2030. In short, the biggest automotive market China, now becomes the battle ground for automakers and internet giants and we are happy to be there and ready to help out.

Our position in China

To succeed in this new landscape we, with our long experience and great knowledge can contribute greatly. We have been in China since 2011, and during these years we have accumulated extensive knowledge and capabilities working closely with our customers and the connected ecosystem in the market. Today, we have 40 talented people in China, with expertise in DevOps, cloud deliveries, support, agile way of working, that help our customers grow on this important market.

Looking to the future, with experience of delivering connected solution in more than 75 regions and with more than 400 talented people’s dedication, we will continue to empower the automotive industry and accelerate its digital transformation, in China and all other markets where our customers need our expertise.

Welcome to contact Henrik Ljungberg, Regional Director China, for more information.

Elin Engkvist
Head of Internal Communications & Sustainability