Talent Tech Summit at WirelessCar

April 21st, 2023

WirelessCar is taking a proactive approach to the growing shortage of ICT professionals and the increasing number of women leaving the tech sector. To address these issues, we organized the Talent Tech Summit, bringing together actors from the Gothenburg area to discuss attracting and retaining women in tech.

Susanna Glenndahl Thorslund from Women in Tech Gothenburg kicked off the discussion by highlighting the importance of diversity, gender equality, and inclusion for thriving tech companies. She explained that women leave the tech sector due to unequal opportunities, poor development, excluding and sexist workplaces, and the lack of work-life balance. 72% of all women think that a lack of gender equality and inclusion is a reason to leave the workplace.

The panel included experts from Zenseact, LumenRadio, Stendahls, Volvo Cars, and WirelessCar, who had an engaging discussion on how to solve the talent shortage and the loss of senior women in tech. Jasmina Henricson Angelovski from Stendahls shared how they achieved a workforce with 50% men and 50% women by being self-critical and breaking the bias. Ana Möller from Zenseact talked about their initiatives to inspire women, such as "Software Developer for a Day" and mentorship programs for young women within the organization. She also mentioned that changing the application form has led to more women applying for tech jobs.

After the panel discussion, there were breakout sessions on the ways we can attract, retain, and promote women. The event was a great success, with many valuable insights shared. We're grateful to everyone who came and contributed, and a special shout-out to Anna Gunlycke and Martin Andersson for organizing the event.

The growing shortage of ICT professionals and the loss of women in the tech sector is an alarming trend. WirelessCar's Talent Tech Summit is just one step towards addressing these issues. We need to accelerate Sweden's position as a leading tech nation, and that means taking action to support women in the technology sector. By working together, we can build a brighter future for all!