Starting 2022 with three important additions to the management team

December 23rd, 2021

Our industry is transforming faster than ever, and with that transformation comes many challenges as well as enormous opportunities. In 2022 we are gearing up to even more be the change we want to see in the world, as Mahatma Gandhi put it, and thereby help our customers benefit from their digital transformation. An important part of this is three additions to our management team. Changes that will reverberate through  the organization, strengthen it, and ultimately enhance the way we empower our customers.

We are very happy to introduce Tomas Carlfalk, Henrik Ljungberg and Greg Geiselhart to you - three important individuals who will drive the change in the management team and the organization. Tomas as our new CTO with a stronger focus on cybersecurity, enterprise architecture, technology, and our Discovery products; Henrik Ljungberg as our first VP Business Operations & Compliance; and finally Greg Geiselhart, our new VP Sales & Marketing.

Tomas, born and raised on the West Coast in Sweden, started his career as a developer at WirelessCar about twenty years ago and has been working recently as Chief Architect, with cloud adoption and cybersecurity. Greg has been in the connected vehicle business for twenty years, working with business development and as VP for WirelessCar North America. Henrik has worked within IT for a long time, first as a developer, then as a manager, and most recently as VP Asia Pacific at WirelessCar.

With them at the wheel in their new positions at WirelessCar, we will be able to:

  1. Show you more about our new attractive offerings including highly relevant off-the-shelf digital products. Products that can solve new and old mobility challenges, and when used as a foundation to customers’ digital services, dramatically increase flexibility and reduce time to market.

    Greg Gesielhart: “I think the next couple of years in the connected vehicle space is going to be very exciting. It's reached a level of maturity where what we do in the marketplace and for our customers has changed. We're not going to be working exclusively with customized products. What we're doing is taking our experience from different markets, our understanding of uptime and availability, and then developing products, packaging them, and bring them to our customers. And our customers are going to benefit from that. They're going to benefit from a faster time to market. They're going to benefit from more flexibility. They're going to benefit from more cost effective ways to bring the services to market. More innovative solutions that we are able to do on a quicker basis. I want our sales and marketing and our product management to come out and and bring those forward to the market and show that even in a mature industry, we can change how car makers can transform their own business by utilizing things that we're developing and implementing them in a faster, high quality way that will bring actual value to your business.”

  2. Proactively meet the rapidly-increasing cybersecurity demands around us and anchor the requirements and know-how in our architecture and throughout the entire company by raising it to the very highest level in WirelessCar.

    Tomas Carlfalk: "In addition to having excellent cybersecurity in our solutions and products, we also aim to be a recognized leader when it comes to knowledge about cybersecurity and our ability to provide expert advice on the topic to our customers. We've been working hard on cybersecurity for many years. With this change, our customers can be comfortable knowing that cybersecurity is at the top of our agenda for the coming years as well.”

  3. Provide a straightforward path to explore new ways (e.g., technologies, architecture, analytics, service designs, or use cases) together with customers and partners to turn car data into smart offerings and then implement it.

    Tomas Carlfalk again: “I see WirelessCar as a leader in automotive technology research. So together with our customers, I want us to be at the forefront of innovation and technology research in the automotive industry. With our new Discovery offering, we can help our customers find the best technologies and business cases for new services, by organizing proof-of-concepts, pilots or other discovery workshops."

  4. As we grow, continue to earn our customers and partners' trust through thick and thin by continuously improving our value-creating way of working and ensuring that we meet and exceed any compliance requirements.

    Henrik Ljungberg: “By focusing more on all aspects of compliance and way of working, we can also help our customers understand, for example, new legal requirements in different markets to successfully roll out their services globally."


Tomas, Greg, and Henrik as well as the rest of the management team really look forward to collaborating with customers and partners to leverage the opportunities of digital transformation in general and to add new perspectives in these areas in 2022 and beyond.

We welcome them to their new positions beginning January 10 and look forward to following them as their new organizations grow and their work starts to bear fruit next year.



Elin Engkvist
Head of Internal Communications & Sustainability