Setting the Scene for Future Mobility: An Interview with Niklas Florén at Mobility Summit

October 20th, 2022

We're delighted to share an interview of WirelessCar CEO Niklas Florén by Anders Ekström from Scania Group. The two had an opportunity to talk during Mobility Summit 2022, hosted in Gothenburg, Sweden.

During the interview, they take us on a journey about future mobility—reflecting upon where the automotive industry is today, what has been accomplished over the last twenty years and what remains to be achieved.

According to Niklas Florén, "We’re at this tipping point where we actually see that so much can happen in the near future. The way there, it’s been the mantra for today: collaboration. We need to work together as an industry, and that is something we have been trying to achieve these past 23 years.”

What will the future of mobility look like?
While the answer to this question remains to be seen, the discussion touched upon how we at WirelessCar can help OEMs and mobility providers accelerate digital service creation with in-vehicle edge technology as well as adapting our safety and security services to support autonomous drive.

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Jessica Renheim
Marketing Specialist