How to enhance your service portfolio through your existing connected car cloud

October 28th, 2020

Expanding and enhancing your service portfolio does not mean you have to build a brand new cloud. At WirelessCar, we have created a variety of services that can be applied to your existing backend platform, and generate new revenue streams. In this article, you can read more about some of these services, and the benefits of enhancing your service portfolio through your existing connected car cloud.

Call center services that provide swift assistance and information to drivers

Call center services are a good example of the kind of services that can easily be added to an existing connected car cloud. These services may include emergency call, roadside assistance, remote vehicle immobilization (also known as vehicle slow down), stolen vehicle tracking, as well as various concierge services; receiving in-vehicle deliveries and making travel arrangements, for example.

Several of our customers’ service portfolios contain call center services that we have developed and integrated with their backend solutions. When a driver requests, say, roadside assistance, that request is sent to the backend platform. Our service solution then forwards it to the right service provider, such as a traditional call center or a highly automated cloud contact center. As the call center responds to the request, the service added to the backend platform also enables them to send information back to the vehicle, like a confirmation that help is on the way.

Connected fleet services that cater to both B2B and B2C users

Our connected fleet solution is built to fit car makers’ existing backend platforms. Requests are sent, received and forwarded as outlined above. The system handles both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) services. This is essential, as your connected fleet services need to cater to both, and always be reliable.

Individual drivers expect to use their personal settings and data in any car they rent or lease. Connected fleet managers need a separate set of data to efficiently manage their cars. Master data about the car’s static, built-in features has to be combined with dynamic user data, such as driver behavior. Simultaneously, the system must protect the integrity and privacy of companies and drivers, and ensure that data is distributed correctly.

Journey intelligence assists drivers with a multitude of useful services

Another example of a highly useful and multifaceted service solution that can easily be applied to your existing connected car cloud is that of journey intelligence. Journey intelligence provides a lot more than just trip data. Our journey intelligence solution includes services such as car locator (shows the car's latest known parked position), journey log (starts, stops, positions, and times), trip route (the routes driven), fuel (energy consumption, battery charge), distance (odometer), and the ability to make reports based on this data and these parameters. The services are integrated with third-parties that deliver up-to-date data on weather conditions, topology, and more.

These are basic services which can be enhanced in various ways – through geofencing and driver behavior services, for example. You can also get an overview of additional journey costs, such as tolls and congestion taxes. These kinds of cost-related services are not only useful during and after the trip, but before departure as well. Route-planning for electric vehicles enables drivers to find the best routes; not only in terms of physical distance, but by providing information about when and where they can charge their cars.

Why you should cooperate with a connected car service provider

It is easy to underestimate the resources required to both build and maintain these kinds of service solutions. The service integrations themselves present several challenges, as data needs to be sent and received quickly and securely. The sheer amount of data requires a scalable technical infrastructure, engineered to handle the flow of information; delivering the data, processing it properly and carrying out the requested services.

Cooperating with a connected car service provider and developer is a cost-effective way of adding services to your existing backend solution, and utilizing your connected car cloud more efficiently. You can use these services to reduce your costs, the costs of your customers, and create new revenue streams for the cars you sell, rent or lease. Using the service provider’s services frees up research time and money for car makers to create their own, unique services. These services can be based on, and integrated with, those of your service provider partner, to further enhance your portfolio.

WirelessCar helps you make the most out of your connected car cloud

WirelessCar uses different building blocks to create our services. When a customer wants us to develop, say, a journey intelligence solution, we can do so by using these flexible and reliable building blocks: Position & Journey, Car Locator, Journey Log, and more.

One of our key strengths as a connected car service provider and developer is that we combine experience and maximum cyber security with a genuine understanding of your service platform. We know the technical and structural work that goes into building and maintaining that platform. This enables us to build new solutions for your existing cloud, or enhance and streamline the services you already offer. Our user-friendly API’s give you easy access to your data, so you can create your own, brand-unique services from it.

We are happy to help you make the most out of your existing connected car cloud. If you want to build an entirely new cloud from scratch, we can certainly do that as well. And make sure it is convenient, cost-effective, scalable and secure, too.

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