Entrepreneur, leader, and HR expert Anna Petersson joins WirelessCar as new VP People & Culture

March 10th, 2023

Today we are very happy to announce our new VP People & Culture - entrepreneur, leader, and HR expert Anna Petersson! Starting March 14th she will work part-time alongside Mats Lindholm, current VP People & Culture. On May 1st she will take over the wheels full-time as Mats continues as Senior Advisor until his upcoming retirement. Anna brings vast and deep experience in developing both HR and people. Here's a Q&A to get to know her better.


CEO Niklas Florén about Anna Petersson:

"I'm very happy to welcome Anna to WirelessCar, she comes full of energy, passion, and bravery. With her broad business knowledge and focus on leadership and building culture I'm certain that she will contribute to ensuring that we can continue the growth journey together."

Anna, tell us about your professional background

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration with a focus on Organization & Leadership.

Due to a huge ski Interest, I started in the travel industry as Area Manager, continued as HR Manager, and have continued within HR & Business development in different organizations. I have founded 8 companies mainly within HR but also E-travel. 

I am the chairman of 3 companies and have worked as an Interim consultant for the last 3 years as CEO and HR Director. '


What will be your main contribution to WirelessCar in the journey to achieve our strategy and objectives? 

I have recruited for both the automotive sector, and for different SaaS companies (start-ups/scale-ups) and I have formed HR structures/organizations building my own companies. I believe that my contribution will be focusing on people and seeing their strengths and how we best work together. It always starts with people. People build organizations who deliver the best value to our customers. I think my contribution is Business+HR development and a drive to focus on the customer and do things a bit better than yesterday. I have worked with all processes from attract to retain to end and have seen different kinds of do's and don’ts in various organizations. I have also lived abroad two times, in France and in Dubai, which helps me understand diversity and the importance and power of differences.


What do the vision, mission, and spirit of WirelessCar mean to you?

For me, they contain everything - to be on top of everything we do from HR, sales, product development, etc to how we treat each other. My drive is to make a difference, and for me, it always starts with the small things. 

The spirit, which is formed by how you act and how you do - is everything. I believe that being a role model is important for all of us. Listen and be curious, ask for feedback, and realize that everything is always changing.


Why did you join WirelessCar and what are our main strengths from your point of view?

I have been working with you in recruitment and got a very good feeling about your company and the people involved. You live your brand and you value your employees. You have the drive to do things better. I think in general that organizations that are curious, open-minded, and ready to change with a lot of courage will be the winners. I see WirelessCar as one of these


Finally, what digital service would you like to have in your car?

I want my journey to be as smooth as possible. Before starting the journey ( steering wheel heater, ready to go) easy-to-access maps, and directions to park. Without any hassle.


Thank you, Anna, and a warm welcome on board!

Elin Engkvist
Head of Internal Communications & Sustainability