WirelessCar donates to Musikhjälpen and United Way

December 16th, 2022

At WirelessCar we know that change starts with each and every one of us. We see it every day in our work and know that it is the only way to create the world we want. And with people from around the globe with many different backgrounds, global welfare is in our hearts. That's why we are very proud to both support children who have been forced to flee their homes due to war and conflicts, and work to improve the health, education, and economic mobility of people in need. We do this by giving donations to both Musikhjälpen/Radiohjälpen in Sweden and United Way in the US.

United Way

United Way is an organization that brings people together to build strong, equitable communities where everyone can thrive. As one of the world's largest privately funded charities, they serve 95% of US communities and 37 countries and territories -- making life better for 48 million people every year.

Through United Way, communities tackle tough challenges and work with private, public, and nonprofit partners to boost education, economic solutions, and health resources. They help people make meaningful change through charitable donations, volunteerism or public policy advocacy. United Way responds with aid for natural disasters, combats human trafficking, provides early learning opportunities and job placement to underserved youth and much more.

United Way is the mission of choice for 1.5 million volunteers, 6.8 million donors, and 45,000 corporate partners in more than 1,100 communities worldwide. In their second century of service, they’re building resilient, equitable communities across the globe. United Way uses its global reach and local presence to improve the health, education, and economic mobility of every person in every community they serve.


During a week in December each year Musikhjälpen on Radio Sweden broadcasts 24/7 from a city in Sweden to highlight awareness and raise money for humanitarian aid. This year between December 12 and 18, they broadcast from Kungstorget in Gothenburg.

The theme for 2022 is to give children who have been forced to flee their homes due to war and conflicts much needed aid and relief. Right now, that is more than 42 million children! Children whose lives have been turned upside down and who are facing a very insecure future. That is more than ever before. And while on the run, they are in danger of losing parents, experiencing traumas like child labor, child marriage, and trafficking, as well as losing the chance to get proper education.

The money raised by Musikhjälpen goes to setting up more temporary schools, creating play areas in the refugee camps, offering psychosocial support, as well as helping to find lost relatives. It also goes to providing healthcare, vaccines, clean water, food, and sanitation.

Niklas Florén, CEO: “"We are so grateful to make two global contributions this year. Contributing to some of those who need it the most and to making a difference for them really means the world. If you have the possibility, please help join the causes and make your own contribution using the link below."

You are very welcome to join our cause:

Elin Engkvist
Head of Internal Communications & Sustainability