Connected vehicle services and continuous evolution

Premium connected customer experience

A global vehicle manufacturer decided it wanted to deliver connected vehicle services to its customers. A complete solution was needed for the development, launch and operation of a comprehensive portfolio of digital services across multiple markets within a short timeline. Once the connected vehicle program was launched, the OEM then sought a long-term partner to ensure they delivered a best-in-class connected experience to their customers.


A global vehicle manufacturer determined that connected vehicle services were critical in delivering a premium customer experience across its vehicle lines. At the time, providing a comprehensive portfolio of digital services would allow the OEM to enhance the customer vehicle experience. Because the organization lacked experience developing connected services, they needed support to ensure the successful implementation of a connected car program. The desired outcome was to go from zero to global availability within a short timeline.

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To meet the OEM’s goals, WirelessCar built a customized solution that enabled a secure and reliable connected car end-to-end experience tailored to its end users. WirelessCar provided program management and dedicated teams with automotive software expertise that could drive the solution. These DevOps teams governed by the program management team took full responsibility for development, maintenance, and operations 24/7. They collaborated closely with the OEM to manage evolving needs and expectations, sharing their expertise and agile way of working. After the first connected vehicles were launched in Europe and the United States, the collaboration was extended to include China and other markets.


Program management, looking at the e2e perspective

Product owners with deep subject matter expertise

Solution architects with deep knowledge of automotive, cloud, architecture and connected services; advising in the e2e solution design

DevOps teams with full development and operational responsibility for their services

Methods and processes, securing quality and cybersecurity


As a result of our collaboration, the company was able to launch their first line of connected vehicles in Europe and the US, followed by China. The successful global delivery meant that their end users could enjoy a new set of services that met market requirements across different regions all over the world, enabling the OEM to charge a premium.

Some of the connected services that were enabled:

  • Safety and Concierge Services (e.g., eCall, bCall, Stolen Vehicle Tracking)
  • Customer Portals and Apps
  • Vehicle Status and Remote Services
  • Vehicle Lifecycle Management

Continuous evolution

WirelessCar’s collaboration with the OEM continued to evolve based on changing end customer expectations and technological advancements. To achieve scalability, WirelessCar lifted the entire solution to the cloud using Amazon Web Services (AWS). WirelessCar has also supported the OEM as they embark on the next stage of their connected vehicle journey. By introducing our standardized products, such as Vehicle Status and Position & Journey, they will cut time, reduce risk, and operate more efficiently. Our long-term collaboration has become stronger due to openness and transparency, resulting in higher efficiency in our deliveries and greater value delivered to the OEM’s customers.

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