Applicant Privacy Notice

This notice provides information on WirelessCar’s processing of your personal data as an applicant of jobs at WirelessCar Sweden AB.

Applicant Privacy Notice

Personal Data notice

This notice provides information about the processing of your personal data by WirelessCar.

If you have sent a CV or job application to WirelessCar or otherwise been in contact with us regarding a job opening at WirelessCar, we will process personal data about you. We may also process personal data about you, if you are contacted by us as a part of a headhunting or recruitment process. In this case please read this applicant privacy notice.


Identity and contact details of the controller

WirelessCar Sweden AB (“WirelessCar”), is the controller of the personal data that it obtains from you and the other sources described below. WirelessCar is responsible for the processing of your personal data under applicable data protection laws and regulations.

If you have questions regarding the processing of your personal data, please contact WirelessCar by email, post or phone at:

WirelessCar, Vädursgatan 6, SE-41250 Göteborg, Sweden

+46 31 65 19 00


What categories of personal data will WirelessCar process?

WirelessCar will process all or part of the following categories of personal data.

  • Individual data, such as name, photo
  • Contact data, such as address, email, telephone number
  • Competence data, such as grades, letters of recommendation, learning records and other document related to your competence that you share with us
  • Experience, previous work places and other data obtained from references, your application and CV

WirelessCar will also process personal data related to your interactions with us, such as emails, records of earlier applications or interviews.

WirelessCar may also process a limited amount of personal data (name and contact details) of persons indicated by you as persons to be contacted by WirelessCar as reference to your application.


Legal basis and purposes of the processing

WirelessCar will process your personal data based on either of the following legal grounds, see also further details below.

  • Legitimate interests. WirelessCar’s legitimate interests is to manage a recruitment process and evaluate the candidates that have shown an interest in WirelessCar. Such process is also in the interest of the candidates. In order to base its processing of personal data on the balance of interest-basis, WirelessCar makes an assessment on case-by-case basis. Example, WirelessCar needs to process certain personal data to enable evaluation of your skills and experience, and to contact you with regards to your application.

In exceptional cases and only when no other legal ground can be applied, WirelessCar may ask for your consent to process your personal data. If consent is used, you may withdraw your consent at any time, which will however not affect the lawfulness of the processing based on consent before its withdrawal.

WirelessCar will process your personal data, as exemplified above, for the purposes stated below.

  • Enabling registration of you and your application in WirelessCar’s systems
  • Enabling communication with you and answering questions from you
  • Enabling evaluation of your skills and experience


From where will WirelessCar obtain your personal data?

WirelessCar will primarily obtain your personal data from yourself or other third party to whom you have directed us to obtain your personal data. We will also obtain personal data from relevant stakeholders (for example internal references if applicable) and in other ways relevant to your application (for example review on LinkedIn).


What happens if you do not provide WirelessCar with any personal data?

Personal data is a requirement and necessary in order to evaluate your application, which may not be evaluated without the required personal data.


How will WirelessCar share your personal data? Will it be transferred outside the EU/EEA?

WirelessCar uses a recruitment service from Teamtailor, which is a processor of WirelessCar. Teamtailor may therefore have access to your data for the purpose of providing service to WirelessCar. WirelessCar will normally not share your personal data with anyone outside of its group of companies, unless required by law or regulations. However, WirelessCar may, if necessary to fulfill the purpose for processing the personal data, share your personal data with another group company, including company outside of the European Union or the European Economic Area (EU/EEA).

WirelessCar will secure that there are appropriate safeguards in place which provide adequate levels of protection of your personal data as required by applicable data protection laws. For example, this may include the use of intercompany or external data processing agreements based on EU approved Standard Contractual Clauses or such other mechanisms as have been recognized or approved by the relevant authorities from time to time. If you have questions about the transfer, please contact WirelessCar’s .


For how long will WirelessCar keep your personal data?

WirelessCar will normally keep your personal data during the application process. After this process has ended, WirelessCar will only keep the personal data deemed necessary for the fulfillment of the purposes for which it was collected and only up and until such purposes have been fulfilled or, if later, for such time as may be required to comply with local legal obligations or to satisfy any legal requirements in the event of an actual, threatened or anticipated dispute or claim.


Your data protection rights

You have the right to request from WirelessCar information about the personal data processed about you and access to such personal data. You also have a right to request rectification of your personal data if this is incorrect and request erasure of your personal data. Further, you have a right to request restriction of the processing of your personal data meaning that you request WirelessCar to limit its processing of your personal data under certain circumstances. There is also a right for you to object to the processing based on legitimate interest or processing for direct marketing. You have as well the right to data portability (transfer of your personal data to another controller) if WirelessCar’s processing if your personal data is based on consent or contractual obligation and is automated.

You also have the right to lodge any complaints you may have regarding WirelessCar’s processing of your personal data to a supervisory authority. To exercise your rights, please contact WirelessCar on the address or email above.

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