Meet Niklas Florén: WirelessCar’s new CEO

March 29th, 2022

What are the greatest challenges facing the automotive industry as it moves from an analog past into the digital future? How do we turn the mobility of the future from a slogan into an attainable, profitable reality? As the new CEO of WirelessCar, I see immense potential, but also what is required from the car manufacturers and ourselves as a company.  Let’s realize that potential, meet consumers ever-increasing expectations, and keep using the ongoing technological revolution to our advantage.

Embracing new challenges

I have worked at WirelessCar for ten years. First, starting as a consultant, then becoming responsible for developing our WirelessCar platform and moving on to being CTO and COO. This truly exciting journey that started a decade ago continues to intrigue and challenge me.

Throughout my career, I have had many different roles: developer, agile coach, department manager, CIO, and CTO, to name a few. After several years as the company’s COO, it is a great honor to now succeed Martin Rosell as the CEO of WirelessCar on April 1st. An engineer by trade, I developed a major dedication to building a strong leadership and a profitable win-win business. Making technology, leadership and business work together is one of my greatest passions, and this is a unique opportunity to do just that, together with our customers and our brilliant and innovative WirelessCar staff.

Moving forward together

WirelessCar exists at the intersection between the automotive world and the world of software, as illustrated by our logotype. The two halves come together to shape the smart, safe and sustainable world we want to help create and be a part of. It is a future that I believe in, and it is the core of who we are and what we do. We will continue to embody this in the work we do every day, and in our collaboration with you:

  • We will be an innovative catalyst and thought-leader in the field of automotive digitalization – one that “walks the walk“ every bit as much as we “talk the talk”.

  • We will make an actual difference, together with you. For example, how do we turn the sustainable mobility of the future into concrete reality? Through collaboration.

The transformative digitalization of the automotive industry presents countless opportunities for car manufacturers old and new. At WirelessCar, we seek to be the partner that inspires you, challenges you, and helps you turn that digital potential into concrete business value. As CEO, I will work to empower people to see new things, expand their knowledge, and take bold steps ahead. I hope you will want to join us on our journey towards the mobility of the future. What are your thoughts, your challenges, your ambitions? Let me know, and let’s take it from there.