WirelessCar beta testing new service for Amazon

As a step in Amazons quest to supply everything as a service WirelessCar was invited to beta test their new MQ Service, a solution that will provide messaging as a service. Our close partnership, expertise and innovative ideas combined with our need to develop a stable infrastructure for messaging was the starting point. After a period of testing and feedback regarding the service, a successful release was done by AWS, General Electric and Odd Wallér from WirelessCar at Re:invent in Las Vegas earlier this winter.

Better messaging solutions, faster and more customer specific

“It is truly great to be able to push each other forward to new solutions in our common quest to constantly deliver customer value”, Odd says. “Especially when it comes to messaging”, he continues. Messaging is core to how all our critical components communicate with each other. Now WirelessCar is looking forward to finding good use cases and to implement this service. Our ambitions are that we will be able to deliver better messaging solutions, faster and more specific to our customer needs, while keeping our focus on our core business.

More information

Want to learn more about how we create value together with our partners, become a partner or simply know more about how our messaging works? Please contact us on contact@wirelesscar.com

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