Program Architect Fredrik Nilsson

“What we do is actually making traffic more safe and saving lives. When you think about the importance that connected emergency call services for instance actually has and that what we do every day means so much, you are very humbled and grateful to be a part of it. This is one of the main reasons I still find this job so rewarding”, says Fredrik Nilsson, program architect for our newest customer program, who has been working at WirelessCar since 2004.

What he likes about WirelessCar, apart from that, is the culture and the people who work here. Everyone has such a strong commitment, are generous, helpful, down to earth and really fun to work with. WirelessCar is a definitely a sort of family and that’s a great foundation moving forward and expanding our business within this fast growing market.

Fredrik, who started his career at WirelessCar as a developer, has been a part of launching the Volvo on Call app in 2011. Since then he has developed along with the program, watched our services become more publicly known with the introduction of concierge services, and is now involved with the architectural setup of a brand new customer program. He is looking forward to using his extensive knowledge and experience to partner with the new customer and translate their needs to smart solutions. The goal is to find the most attractive end customer services and smart ways to build them benefitting as much as possible from using our platform. The next step is to provide a holistic view over the project and give a structure and a joint vision to the development teams. In collaboration with the other program architects he will also find similarities that can be moved to the common platform, so that the unique programs can focus solely on designing unique brand features to position the specific customer towards their buyers.

For the future he is looking forward to constantly finding ways to translate WirelessCar’s extensive knowledge to new types of services. As the way that a car is connected is changing from a small and somewhat shaky connection to that the car is a fully connected rolling computer, WirelessCar needs to constantly find new ways to bring relevant and attractive connected car services to an increasing number of cars. That journey is what makes every day so exciting.