Delivery Manager Car OEM deliveries Americas Jason Bartley

Jason Bartley gets extremely excited by the quickening pace of convergence between telematics and internet of things for vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure, autonomous functionality and infotainment in the automotive sector.  After spending some years in the US Navy and college, Jason started his IT career as a developer in the mid-90’s, and progressed through most aspects of IT software development and program management before starting to work with WirelessCar in 2009.

Today Jason is the WirelessCar Delivery Manager for the Americas, overseeing all of our OEM programs in that region.

“We are regularly engaged in launching new OEM programs while enhancing and maintaining 24/7/365 operations for existing OEM customers in the Americas, sometimes as stand-alone regional deliveries but more often as regional markets in larger global programs. I also actively work with our central Telematics Service Delivery Platform (TSDP) teams to help shape requirements and market input for future phases of improvements and extensions” says Jason.

Jason says that the greatest challenge in the telematics industry still continues to be merging the rapidly evolving consumer electronics lifecycle, which all consumers expect by default now, with the much longer automotive lifecycle through dynamic telematics systems. However, the industry as a whole is according to him continuing to make strides in this area and we have had some very good successes bridging this divide in the past few years.

“There isn’t just one thing I enjoy most about working in this industry – I love it all and believe I have one of the best jobs in the technology industry right now! As an amateur ”car guy” I love having the opportunity to work closely with major global automotive OEMs to help them bests utilize new and existing technologies to significantly enhance the vehicle ownership and driving experience through telematics, while creating a vital new OEM diagnostics & CRM channel at the same time. I also thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to work with so many excellent people within WirelessCar and the automotive & telematics industries” says Jason.