Mats Lindholm – New Director HR

The last piece of the puzzle to create the management dream team that will guide WirelessCar forward towards our wanted position and beyond is in place – Mats Lindholm has been recruited as Director HR. Mats will report to Managing Director Martin Rosell.

Mats has been with WirelessCar for a while now but starting January 18th he will focus 100% on developing the HR side of the company. This is a crucial aspect in order to secure top talents as we grow at full speed to connect more and more of the automotive industry. “I also hope that I will be able to contribute to making WirelessCar a place where everyone really enjoys being part of the exiting journey that lies ahead of us” Mats says.

Prior to joining WirelessCar Mats has held several of the different types of positions available at WirelessCar, from project manager and account manager to code developer and product owner, as well as positions in HR and leadership development. He has both been employed and run his own consulting business. “Mats extensive experience and people skills will be true assets when it comes to taking care of our staff in the best way and thereby create the best conditions for development and growth both on a personal and a corporate level”, Martin  Rosell says.

Mats formal education is as a Civil Engineer in the construction area, but on top of that he also has leadership and HR trainings. When it comes to code development and IT systems he is mostly self-taught since code development is also one of his major hobbies.

Welcome on board Mats!

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