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South America


Brazilian office

WirelessCar was certified as a ACP245 compliant service provider in May 2010. As a certified service provider, WirelessCar offers an end to end solution for addressing immobilization and tracking regulation as specified by governmental authority, DENATRAN. Services over and above meeting regulation include E-Call, B-Call and Remote Services such as door lock/unlock and honk and flash. This end to end solution includes telecommunications, call center services, and the delivery of services.

WirelessCar has launched its first automotive customer, Volvo Cars, in Brazil September 1st, 2010. The Volvo OnCall solutionwas the first embedded automotive telematics solution that offers services over and above the required immobilization and tracking as required by regulation.

WirelessCar is also working with the commercial vehicle sector to meet regulation and offer fleet management solutions.

Local Office

Our Brazilian office is co-located with Volvo Group’s main compound in Curitiba.


Av. Juscelino K. de Oliveira, 2600
CIC – Curitiba – PR – Brazil
81260-900 – P.O.  Box 660


  • Volvo Cars OnCall
  • Volvo Construction Equipment

Local service delivery in Brazil

Development, Data center, Hosting and Support Services All of the above services are available within our Brazilain operations, however, not necessarily utilized. This is dependent on the customer size and their expectations. There is a dedicated telematics team of specially trained support and development engineers that will support its local customers.

Local partners

Depending on our OEM customer’s requirements, we integrate our platform with appointed suppliers.

On-line map providers

  • Google

Wireless operators

  • Claro