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Main Office

It all started in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1999.  In an old harbour area a new city district is being built up which  combines business, education, research, trade, housing, culture and recreation. For almost two decades, Gothenburg had  been in the forefront in developing and exploiting the opportunities for mobile data communications and in this new district, large amount of companies and people with early telematics experience came together. In this creative competence cluster WirelessCar was founded.

Since then WirelessCar have a strong position in Europe, being the major telematics service provider in the region.  Europe is a complex market with many countries, languages and regulations. WirelessCar today deliver services vehicles in 22 European countries. To manage this we have developed solutions to support cost efficient market roll-outs, roaming, cross border services and other challenges this diversified market calls for.

Main Office

Post Address:
NAV5B, SE-405 08 Göteborg

Street address
Lindholmspiren 5B, Göteborg


  • BMW Assist
  • Volvo Cars OnCall
  • Dynafleet, Volvo Trucks
  • Care Track, Volvo Construction Equipment

Global service delivery

Development, Data center, Hosting and Support Services We provide all of the above services globally from our main operations site in Sweden. We strive to concentrate as much as possible to this site to achieve economy of scale. But if local conditions require it or by preference by our customers we have the flexibility to operate services from any of our sites around the world.

Local partners

Depending on our OEM customer’s requirements, we integrate our platform with appointed suppliers.

On-line map providers

  • PTV
  • Google

Wireless operators

  • Telenor