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Infotainment & Apps

Volvo on Call Apps
Aptus Mobile Application pilot
With access to mobile Apps, the driver of tomorrow will have (most) of the funtionality that is today available for call centers added with more location aware services. To explore this area WirelessCar has developed a pilot mobile App, where the driver can check vehicle-  status and location. Remote commands are also available like door unlock and Remote Honk & Flash.
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The mobile App was demonstrated at Telematics Update Detroit, but the project will continue to investigate what services benifits the customer most.

My Vehicle On-line

WirelessCar has developed a concept called “My Vehicle On-line” that hope to provide a community for the owner, the dealer and the OEM to exchange interesting information and to provide the owner with great services.

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My Vehicle On-line is an pilot example application built on WirelessCar proven telematics platform to reuse much of the functionality that is available in todays connected cars. New protype services has also been added to study new concepts.

Included features:

  • Remote Dashboard -  Key vehicle status presented using a dashboard style.
  • Vehicle facts
  • Manuals on-line
  • Vehicle Location – Location of vehicle plotted on Google maps.
  • Eco rating – compete with your self to drive more and more environmental friendly
  • Message & offers from Dealer
  • Next Services appointment with pre-booked time.
  • Connected vehicle community - sharing and inviting fellow drivers for a scenic route.

Interested in a test driver? Guest login accounts are available. Just drop us a message under contact us.