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Shared Organization & Processes

As a telematics service provider WirelessCar manages and assumes responsibility for providing telematics services to end-users on behalf of our customers. This includes end-to-end responsibility for the operation, maintenance and support or to operate selected parts of a customer’s solution, for example providing technical connectivity services.

We have leaned over the years that to sucessfully deliver telematics services requires a reliable infrastructure supported by an experienced organization. WirelessCar and its personnel are well acquainted with automotive industry processes, requirements and expectations. We think that a managed service delivery should include the following:

  • Infrastructure, the sites and equipment needed to run the services
  • Service Operations, 24/7/365 monitoring to ensure availability and performance to agreed service levels
  • Support & Maintenance, helpdesk for providing fault management and escalation procedures to ensure faults are solved as quickly as possible. Maintenance of hardware and software
  • Customer Management – Business support and project management

Providing telematics services cost efficient is much about volumes. The more customers (and vehicles) there are to share certain fixed costs the better.

Backend services